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finding this video on YouTube was a bit of an eye opener. It involves a professional Dominatrix trying to and mostly succeeding to work out the kinks of some strangers and one person that she already knows. It taught me some new things. Ovipositor! What the (expletive deleted). And Auto what! I did not think that that was even possible. This could be the basis for a very interesting game show.


You’re into what!!!





Three new blogs for the blog roll

Well they are new to me, except for one of them. I am only going to add a few of blogs at a time to the blog roll and these are three for today.


Pervy Fun – The blog of an alternative life styler who has had a few other blogs in the past.

Fondlers Anonymous – A blogger exploring and enjoying a D/s relationship.

My Bottom Smarts – A welcome re-entry to the list.


“Spec”tacular Spankings

For those of you who are new to this blog, I find women in glasses very, very attractive, especially when they are giving or receiving a spanking. So this series of posts is about to be revived.

agent_a004 spanking 24.jpg

One of Amelia Jane Rutherford (Ariel Anderson) – Found at SPANKING24.COM

12 from red rump.jpg

A hot F/m image – from RedRump

0410_no_more_bullying_grabs-062 spankingblogg.jpg

Finally one from the Chief – Found at SpankingBlogg

Last clean up of the blog rolls

All the active blogs, from the second roll, have been moved up to the top blog roll. All the remaining inactive blogs, that I want to keep links to, have been moved to the second blog roll. The second blog roll has been renamed Archive Blogs Worth Checking Out. So finally the blog rolls are all neat and tidy.




What is an E-stim?


P1040459 (2).jpg

The picture above shows, not only, an E-stim device but my E-stim device, which happens to be called a MyStim. An E-stim device is a fun electrical toy that is based on the medical devices, commonly known as T.E.N.S. units. They can be used at lower intensity levels for erotic stimulation. But you can crank up the dials and deliver quite a painful electro spanking or other play torture with them, if you so desire.


Play safely with electricity


As with all toys, you have to learn to play safely with an E-stim device. To put it in it’s simplest terms you have to avoid putting an electrical current on, near or through the head, neck, spine, heart or any other major abdominal organ. To make life simple, just make sure that the electrical contacts or other devices are only used from the waist down, on yourself or your partner. Now go and make yourself a really strong cup of coffee (because this video is boring enough to send you to sleep) and watch the following video on the safe use of T.E.N.S. units. It could mean the difference between having a very fun playtime and having to call an ambulance.

My MyStim




My E-stim device came as a basic starter kit, in the nifty little carry case pictured above. In the box was the E-stim unit 4 electrical, self adhesive, reusable, contact pads, the cables to connect the pads to the device, a 9 volt battery and an instruction book. As can be seen below.





The benefits of electro play


As a spanko, living in Belgium, a country without much of an adult spanking culture, I often find that I have to compromise how I play when interacting with people of a more BDSMy culture. This sometimes introduces me to things that I do not like.

I don’t like this kind of thing



Such as the electric toys shown above, which just feel like cattle prods to me and I don’t go Moo. But E-stims I found to be a more fun device. Some people set the controls on low and use them for erotic stimulation. I prefer it when the knobs and dials are cranked up a bit and things get tastily painful.



As you can see from the photo above You can use the controls to change the type of pulse, the length of pulse and the frequency of the pulses. The big round dials at the top turn the current on and off and give you the volume of stimulation or pain that you require.

I have had this devise and others like it wired up to my buttocks to give an electrical spanking, which I enjoy very much. These can also be wired up to other body parts for a more intimate form of fun torture play. I think that one of the biggest advantages of E-stim play is that it leaves no marks (except sometimes a small red patch where the contact pad was on the skin but this disappears within minutes) and your body recovers from playing almost immediately. So you can play to a high intensity with one of these devises and then don some skimpy swimwear and no one else at the pool will know that you have been playing.


Some other accessories that are available for E-stims







The school report


E-stim devices receive a resounding A grade. They are well worth the effort and give very pleasing results.


A link to some more information on using E-stim devises, from the manufacturer on MyStim


Next week – Modifying my E-stim device




Before I start, I would just like to say that I am making no money from Amazon UK nor are there any discounts for these products. I just thought that visitors here might like them.


Some Amazon UK finds


I was tootling around the UK site of Amazon when I came across these signs for sale. If anyone knows a Spanko who has a birthday coming up, perhaps they would like one of these.


Found here


Found here


This last one was found here

It’s good to keep the house well signposted.


More blog cleaning

The last of the blogs to be removed from the second blog roll are…


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All of these blogs are missed, some of them very much so.




I should be spanked for telling this awful joke


Why did the submissive refuse to remove her knickers (panties) for her spanking


Because she was a Wedgitarian

Image found at Roxie Rae Fetish Queen


More blog cleaning

I do want to add some more blogs to my blog roll but before I do that I want to clean up the two blog rolls, that are on this blog at the moment and combine them into a single blog roll. So I will start by removing the following blogs from the second blog roll.

About Spankings

Ariel Anderson

Clare Fonda Spanking

Curvaceous Dee

Daisy Chain

Gloria’s Oversexed Mind

Governing Ana

Her Majesties Plaything




Joceline Brook-Hamilton or Ariel Anderson or Amelia Jane Rutherford, they are all the same person, AS EXPLAINED IN THIS VIDEO, if not the same persona. As this is a spanking blog I think that it is appropriate to refer to her as Ms Rutherford.

Here is a link to the channel



What is the YouTube channel about?

This is a video blog or vlogg of the professional model and performer Amelia Jane Rutherford. It is usually updated monthly and is about issues that a concerns models and modelling. Do not expect any nudity or spanking or kinky rope play, this is all about the thoughts of a model after the studio lights have been switched off. It covers may interesting topics, such as WHAT LIFE IS LIKE BEING MARRIED TO A MODEL and BEING INVESTIGATED BY THE UK TAX AUTHORITIES. Watching the later of those two videos, I learnt more about dealing with the UK Tax People, in less than half an hour, than I did during six very long and boring lectures on the subject, during my student days.

A couple of example videos

I tried to choose two videos showing the diversity of subjects covered. This first one is about the negatives of inappropriate touching.



The next video is one that I have watched several times and has always served the purpose of curing me of a black and foul mood. I do not laugh at Ms Rutherford, I am not laughing with Ms Rutherford. I end up laughing because my doctor has failed to inject me with an inoculation preventing such laughter. This laughter is infectious.



Although I am waiting to add some of the growing list of blogs to my blog roll, I will add this to the list now. Even though it is not strictly a blog. This channel is interesting and informative and I would recommend it to anyone who wishes to increase their knowledge of professional modelling.