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In my last post I celebrated the birthday of someone else. Well today is my birthday. So I have decided to enjoy the occasion by indulging in one of my favourite passions, the combination of women, glasses and spanking 🙂

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Have a “Spec”tacular day everyone




Leia-Ann Woods announced in


that she had recently celebrated her 40th birthday, which was a shock, she looks much younger. These days Ms Woods seems to be exploring her BDSM side more but I was always a fan of all the spanking video work that she has done and there is lots of that about. I have to admit that I am a bit in awe of Ms Woods. When playing I am a bit of a squirmier and dancer, when all hell is raining down on my rear end and have always aspired to be more able to hold my position and take my whups with more poise. In that respect Leia-Ann Woods has become somewhat of a role model for me, she always seems to take her strokes and swats with a level of stoicism that I can never hope to aspire to. I tried to leave a Happy Birthday message on her blog but you can only do that by signing into a Google account and I hate blogger so much that I refuse to do that. So instead I thought that I would post a photo tribute to Ms Woods in celebration of her birthday milestone.

Happy (if belated) Birthday Leia-Ann Woods and may you enjoy many more



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Emma Bishop Is Back

One time spanking video performer Emma bishop has come out of public spanking retirement and is making videos again. she also has a website and has returned to blogging. links below. I will be adding her blog on the BLOG AND VLOG ROLL PAGE. Ms Bishop once, kindly contributed to a posting series, that I used to run on this blog, called KINKY ISLAND DISCS. I thought to celebrate her return I would repost her contribution after the links to her website and blog.



Kinky Island Discs – Emma Bishop

A repost from January 2008

Welcome to Kinky Island Discs, where kinky bloggers and celebrities are cast away on a desert island with nothing to comfort them in their isolation except for some DVDs and a few other luxury items.

This week newly returned to both the modelling and blogging our castaway is –


Ms Bishop lives in Birmingham in the UK. She has been a spanking model since 2006 and did own the well trafficked website “The Trouble With Emma”and has produced and appeared in her own series of spanking videos. Ms Bishop was one of the spanking celebrities that took part in the Race For Life charity run with the Bums On The Run team in 2007, to raise money for Cancer Research. After taking a break from the commercial side of the scene Emma Bishop is now ending her hiatus. Ms Bishop informs me that her ambitions for 2008 are to appear in more spanking videos and attend parties.

Ms Bishop has re started her blog “The Unsecret Diaries Of Emma Bishop” where she mixes news from her own life and life history with debate and musings. To find out more about Ms Bishop I can think of no better place to go.

Disaster Strikes

Whilst on a single handed boat trip across the Pacific Ocean, Ms Bishops boat breaks down and her radio stops working, leaving her drifting for days. Disaster strikes and her boat begins to sink, luckily there is a desert island close enough for her to reach in her life boat but nobody knows where she is and she is likely to be stranded there for years, before she is rescued. Knowing that she was in trouble Ms Bishop stocked her life boat with all the survival gear that she could think of. But at the last minute Emma realizes that she has put nothing in the life boat for entertainment or luxury, with the water lapping around her ankles she manages to grab a solar powered DVD player, five kinky DVDs, a vanilla DVD, a single music track, a book a kinky toy and one vanilla luxury item.

To see what she chose and why I hand you over to the castaway herself – Emma Bishop

Five Kinky DVDs

Disc one – First Day OF Term Part One

I always yearned to be an actress and model since I was little and first saw this about five years ago when I was just getting into the public spanking scene. It convinced me it was my destiny to become a spanking model. The fact that this movie was also to do with my kink was synergy in heaven 🙂 Not being stick thin or beautiful but having some compliments suggesting my best asset was my bottom, it gave me a way into treading the boards and a catwalk of sorts! The storyline, the atmosphere, the hook lines (“One thing I do know Ellis, you won’t be sitting down for supper tonight”) the setting and the most realistic (Roue).OTK spanking I have ever seen (Alan Bell and Lucy Palmer) has never been bettered for me. I got it to keep two years ago for Xmas from a dear friend and it’s deffo coming along with me 🙂

Disc two – Before Bedtime (Girls Boarding School)

This is a down loadable video from Girls Boarding School that I subscribed to once. It features this dark haired girl (Emma) being woken from her bed for the second part of her daily discipline. Having already been caned she is spanked soundly over the knee and I can’t see much acting there, just realism, love it!

Disc three – Phoning Home (Red Stripe)

I think the best Domme I have ever seen is Miss Brown and although I haven’t worked with or been spanked by many females I would love the chance to be standing before her in my school uniform! She is stern, fluent, thorough and completely ignores tears and protests until she is happy the girls get their desserts. The reactions of the Asian girl are obviously real and the tawse is so expertly given it had me holding my own bottom the first time I saw it.

Disc four – Linda’s Homework (Girls Boarding School)

Another one showing Tom from Girls Boarding school expertly at work. I do love the man, he’s the best! I used to be afraid of the belt as a child having been threatened with it, so any mention of it in my spanking activity always brought a “no-no” from me. When I saw this, about three years ago I think, it changed my mind. I saw how it was able to cover and redden the whole bottom and found it erotic and loved the sound of the leather, so it was on my list from then on as a new experience. I have since had it a few times now and because I think of it as just another strap (so that I don’t fear the word “belt” as I used to) it is further up my list of preferences. Brilliant realism again, apart from a soppy musical intro.

Disc five – An Ad In The Times (Red Stripe)

The legendary Ivor Gold (so I’m told) and I wish I had the chance to work with him. I saw this about a year ago and love the idea of being sent to someone else for discipline by my partner Dom etc. Mr Gold is fantastic, adding humour to the lecture but it still sent butterflies to my tummy when he sticks to his guns and carries out a perfect spanking and caning. I am not sure if there is something about the older movies or the graininess but I think they come across less scripted and contrived than many today, and that’s what I aspire to in my own roles. I prefer a loose story line and so that the rest can be put to my own thoughts and personality which is how I saw the cast of this movie doing well.

Vanilla DVD

In Her Shoes – I am a massive Cameron Diaz fan and have seen this about 10 times so far and am not bored with it. I can so relate to her character Maggie and how she changes to appreciate the other side of life. I still cry at the bit where she has to overcome dyslexia to read the fantastic poem by E.E. Cummings that you can see a clip of here. “Here is the root of the root… and the bud of the bud… and the sky of the sky of a tree called life… which grows higher than the soul can hope… or mind can hide. It is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart. I carry your heart. I carry it in my heart.”

Sob, sob..but a fantastic movie (sorry guys it’s a “chick flick”, so get over it.

A Music Track

The Voice Within by Christine Aguilera. My reason for choosing this would be understood by anyone who knows me well. It helped me get through a difficult time and gave me the strength to carry on. I had tears, pain and joy all rolled into one during this period. but this song was always the one I leaned on to pull me through. Now I can play it and feel happier. These are the lines I will never forget in the song:

“Young girl don’t cry
I’ll be right here when your world starts to fall
Young girl it’s all right
Your tears will dry, you’ll soon be free to fly”

“When there’s no one else, look inside yourself
Like your oldest friend just trust the voice within
Then you’ll find the strength that will guide your way
You’ll learn to trust the voice within”

A Book

Tess Of The Durbervilles by Thomas Hardy. I have only ever read about five books in my entire life because I am too hyper and can’t relax long enough, preferring the movie usually. I was given this to read by a strict “Uncle” friend of mine and had to read it as homework, or else. I actually lived it and cried at the end when Tess goes to the gallows for a love lost. I think I may have been her or someone like her in another life because I had an eerie cold shiver when I read it and recognised the places described in the landscape before finishing the text.

A Spanking Implement

10 hole drilled wooden paddle. In the absence of a strong hand to spank me on the island this would cover the area well and it stings like a hard spanking. oooh!! Unless of coarse It’s a punishment discipline in which case, it is lethal and sore for a few days!

A Vanilla Luxury Item

My Archos MP4 Player. It has my music. Move and music clips collection on it and as music is my first love, I would want it to be my last if I did not survive the cannibals!

Is there anything else you would like to add ?

Thanks so much for inviting me to join in, I am truly flattered and wowed! I don’t do desert islands because I can’t swim lol, but if I did, I would hope to be on one with Spankedhortic 🙂 …sorry, is that too much sucking up? (hee hee).
Thanks xx

Suck up as much as you like Ms Bishop. On behalf of myself and the readers of Spankedhortic I would like to thank Ms Bishop for her participation and hope that she will soon be rescued and returned to the Heart of England to continue with her modelling.

I hope you all enjoyed that repost.



It has been a long time since I have stumbled across a Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas video clip. So I just had to post it. A little F/f and F/m in this one.

Why Don’t They Open A Branch In Brussels?



I would like to start by saying that I am not into transvestism or transsexualism in any way and I have got nothing against anyone who finds that either of those labels applies to them. But, in the little fantasy world inside my mind, I do often find my self wishing I was of the female persuasion, just for spanking play. It just seems to me that women have it better, as submissives.

Women Have Nicer Bottoms

At some point in most spanking play the undercrackers come down and it is time for the big reveal. But even in my younger and skinnier days I could not have shown someone a sight as glorious as that in the image above. Even guys who spend half their lives at the gym and are sporting buns of steel seldom look so physically artistic. It is just a fact that the female posterior has a greater potential to be hot hot hot.

It’s Easier For Women To Find Play Partners

I’m not saying that it is always easy for a submissive female to find the right play partner but any woman who is looking for a spanking will not find herself short of offers. In the F/m world you find far too many little m’s chasing after far too few big F’s. It’s just the way it is.

Women Are More Flexible Than Men

Or at least they are in their younger guises. I doubt that I could have ever sustained a pose like the one above for the length of time it takes to get a proper whooping. And I was physically pretty flexible for a guy, in my younger days.

Women Look Better In Clothes

Especially uniforms. The male shape is just not a right for things to fit where they should. No matter how careful I am putting a spanking play outfit together I know that it is never going to look as good on me as the equivalent outfit would look on a woman.

Women Won’t Get Labelled For Same Sex Play

A woman can be straight, lesbian or bisexual but no one would automatically conclude that she was any of these just because she was involved in spanking or being spanked by another woman. I do not usually involve sex as part of my spanking play and so have no problems with being spanked by a man, except that some people might label me as gay for doing so. I have nothing against the gay community in the same way as I have nothing against anyone from Spain but I do not want to have anyone presume that I am gay or Spanish, simply because I am neither of these.

I suspect that I am not the only male submissive who is a little jealous of our female counterparts. But perhaps it is just as the parody of the song sung by Petula Clark says

The other subs ass is always redder

That paddle hurts better from the other side

Oh the other subs ass is always redder

Some are lucky, some are not

You’ve gotta be thankful for what you got

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In the comments section on Monday’s post that you can see through


there was some discussion on the correct materials to use for bondage play. Not knowing a great deal about this subject myself (apart from knowing a lot of knots), I tracked down a few sources of information on the best types of ropes, to get started with. It was a surprise to me how often Nylon was advised. I thought that I would share a few links and a video about what kind of rope to buy if you want learn more about the practical bondage world.

Beginner’s Guide to Buying Rope

How to Choose the Right Rope for Bondage Play

Bondage Rope 101 – 12 Useful Tips and Extensive Rope Rundown

And finally a video on rope choices

I hope that both you and I are a bit better informed now

All images used in this post came from

Hywel Phillips Photographer Elegance Studios