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SPANKEDHORTIC – The Last Goodbyeeee



The blog SPANKEDHORTIC II was mostly a general entertainment spanking blog, that also hopefully gave it’s visitors a bit of a laugh sometimes. It was started when A Whip was planted in the internet woods back in July of 2007 and it’s end date was announced in this post last month. It had two contributors, Prefectdt and his fictitious Head Mistress, Dr Rosy Malford. As of the 9th of March 2014 posting has ceased on this blog and it is time to wish it farewell.


Note – The pictures used in the rest of this post have absolutely no relevance to the post, they have just sat on the hard drive for some time, I like them and it is the last chance to use them 🙂

Why am I ending this blog?


Last year my blood condition jumped up and bit me in the ass again. This time by dropping a Thrombosis in my right eye. After successful treatment the sight in my eye has been saved but the thrombosis broke the retina and that has healed but has left a scar on the retina. This has effected my right eye and when I spend too much time staring at an LCD screen (as in a computer screen or flat screen TV) I tend to get white outs and must go away from the screen for some time to recover. This has made it difficult to blog. I have been struggling on hoping that the situation might improve but the last visit to the eye specialist left me knowing that this was as good as things are ever going to get.


I have never made any money or any other type of profit from this blog and I hope that it was fun for people to visit here but I decided that was a two way thing and it had to be fun for me to post here. Struggling to find the extra time to put posts together and not being able to visit or interact with other blogs, as much as I would like to, means that it is not fun to post any more and sometimes I have even sat in front of the computer dreading the idea of posting. So it has come time to end posting on this blog.

Advice for new bloggers


When I first started blogging, six and a half years ago, many established bloggers gave advice on starting a blog, much of which was outdated even after only six or seven months. Many of the things that got this blog off the ground would not work now, so go with the flow and see how things work for you in the time that you start blogging. I would only give advice on things that I have found not to have changed over the last six and a bit years, readers like pictures (even non kinky ones), readers like links and remember it is your blog and you have to do it your way.

The end of the ride


The last six and a half years has been a fun ride, with some downs but mostly ups. I enjoyed producing this blog and I hope that you enjoyed visiting here. I am going to leave the blog open and public, for as long as I can, so please feel free to peruse the archives and if anyone wants to use any of the posting ideas from this blog or wants to come up with their own version of post ideas, that I have used, please feel free to do so.

Thank you for visiting and…



The Saturday Swishing

The Saturday Swishing is my pick of the week from images posted on the blogs in the rolls of this blog.


This week’s Swishing comes from the blog Spanking Sarah Gregory. This is a nice and simple F/f OTK spanking but it is the setting of the spanking that makes it special. This is the kind of image that gets the fantasies flowing 🙂

Strict naval traditions live on



Thoughts For The Week

This Thought might at first look to be only relevant to Bottoms and Submissives but it is just as relevant to any Top or Dom(me) that is on the receiving end of a good sound bratting 🙂

No one can make you feel inferior

Without your consent

(Source – An unaltered saying from Eleanor Roosevelt)

The more observant of you will have noticed the plurality of the title of this post. This is because this has been the longest running theme posting, on this blog, it was here in the first week and now it is here in the last week of this blog and so I thought it would be nice to bring things full circle and re post the first Thought (which is still one of my favourites).

If spanking is a pain in the arse

You are doing it right

And I would like to thank The Quote Garden  for helping out on weeks when my reservoir of material ran out and I needed a little inspiration.


“Spec”tacular Spankings

After God alone knows how many years of “Spec”tacular posts, how could this week, of all weeks, not have one. And I still find women in glasses hellishly attractive, especially when they are spanking or getting spanked 🙂

Well let’s kick off with one from Punished Brats Blog

penny23 punished brats

And of course there has to be one from The Spanking Spot

secretary_ba015spanking spot

An amateur contribution from Bryan’s New Spanking Blog

B-Flkr3_080413 bryan

A great view from Spanking View

a11 spanking veuw

And finally, dreaming of glassy women from Dreams of Spanking blog


I don’t think that I will ever get over being a perv for Specs 🙂


Top Of The Click Pops – For February 2014

Hi there all you Top Of The Click Pops pic clickers. Welcome to the last Top pic pickers poll on this blog. Let’s find out what the most popular images were on this blog for February 2014.

So now it’s time to…

Play the music

And find out what you clicked on during the month of February.

Number Five

This month there was a tie for fifth place with both these images getting 53 clicks.

First this The Saturday Swishing.

ug134 feb no5a

And this one from this post Stunt Bottoms – Anastasia Steele In 50 Shades Of Grey.

clarezille006-cheifs-blog febno5

Number Four

With 54 clicks we have another from the post Stunt Bottoms – Anastasia Steele In 50 Shades Of Grey.

ns-zi-3-dreams feb no4

Number Three

well the Blog Calendar, February Page was popular with 55 clicks.

februarycomplete feb no3

Number Two

the second tie in this countdown, with both of these pictures getting 56 clicks

First up is this Saturday Swishing.

school1-5 feb no2a

And from the post Spanko Versus BDSM – Role Play And Dramatics, we have this image.

nsi081clld129-p-blake-site feb no2

Number one for February 2014

And for the last ever monthly number one in the countdown on this blog with 61 clicks came from this post Dreams Of Spanking – A Paysite Review.

dreams-of-spanking_invites051 feb no1

I hope that you all enjoyed this series of posts and would like to thank all that took part and became a Top of the clicks pop pic pickers.


A New Book – Upcoming Events – Thank You – And The Jewel In The Banjo


Hanlett, Princess of Dayn Marque


This is a new book by Devlin O’Neill, you can read about it in this post New Book! “Hanlett, Princess of Dayn Marque” or get it here Hanlett, Princess of Dayn Marque eBook.

Eroticon 2014


Eroticon 2014 is an event for erotic writers and bloggers taking place next weekend in the UK. Thanks to Pandora Blake for telling us about this in this post Eroticon 2014 and other stories.

Feminist Porn Awards 2014


For those of you lucky enough to be in Toronto, Canada on the 3rd and 4th of April the 9th Feminist Porn Awards will be making presentations. Thanks to Melon Farmers for telling us about this in this article Diary: Upcoming events.

Thank you Chross


I would just like to thank Chross for linking this week’s tftd in his Spankings of the Week.

The Jewel In The Banjo

I’m sure that you all remember the Duelling Banjos scene from the film Deliverance. Well one of my favourite musical comedians, Bill Bailey, came up with an alternative twist on this.