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Niki Flynn

It is hard to believe that only three years ago Niki Flynns debut performance in The Exchange Student by Lupus Pictures was made available for our viewing pleasure, since then Ms Flynn has worked with more CP, film producers and Spanking download sites than seems humanly possible for one person. Having taken the plunge into her public career at the deep end with Lupus Pictures notoriously harsh and dark production style Ms Flynn has since winged her way around the world working with such companies as the fantasy specialists Northern Spanking Institute, the shadowy world of Pain4Fem, Bars and Stripes with its intricately woven story lines, the severe Dallas Spanks Hard and many many more.

It seems that Ms Flynn is on a mission to explore every corner of the CP industry but as well as this she finds time to fit in an extensive kinky photographic modeling career and has even ventured into the world of vanilla modeling. Yet no one tires of seeing her. Recently in an interview on The Spanking Couple blog when the veteran of the spanking CP world Eve Howard (Shadow Lane) was asked which models she would most like to work with in the future, her list was very short, one name, Niki Flynn.

Soon we can all look froward to reading her memoir Dances With Werewolves. Which will be launched in October for the UK and November for the rest of the world.

What Ms Flynn has brought to the lives of her fans more than any other thing is a sense of adventure. In reality Ms Flynn’s life must be a busy round of planning, communication, travel and shooting but I for one cannot help fantasizing that she is always ready, at the call to action, to drop everything, don a beaten up brown leather coat and a Fedor hat and shoot off on yet another trip into the world of the imagination and spankophilia (hopefully including some car chases with bad guys and large rolling boulders – if only NSI had Hollywood scale budgets).

Niki Flynn The Spanking Adventurer.

For anybody wanting to learn more of Ms Flynn visit her website NIKIFLYNN.COM
or read her interviews on the Spanking Couple and The Spanking Spot blogs (links on the right)

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  1. I don’t think anyone in The Black Horse pub knew the film star and what she did…:)

  2. Don’t know … probably best they didn’t … meant we could just warm up with a cup of tea

  3. Oh btw – how did you obtain the picture? Not that I mind.

    • It was a long time ago and I cannot remember if it was a photo page on her blog or a separate promotional site but it was from Niki Flynn’s own online publications. I did get her permission to use the photo at the time. Did you take the picture? I’ve always thought that it was one of the best of Niki Flynn.


      • Thank you — yes I took it. We had been shooting up at the Abbey in Whitby. I think it was February … definately cold and so we went into the pub to warm up. I asked if it was OK to do a few shots inside. The one you used is one of them. It shows a different side to her I guess. Underneath she was still bruised (from a Pain4Fem shoot I think).

  4. I only got to know her on the internet and not in real life but I always thought that this picture showed the more thoughtful and introspective side of her, that came across in her writing, rather than in the clips and most of the shoot images that she appeared in.



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