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>Alchemilla mollis

> Finally a plant! If you have this plant in your garden and the flowers have turned from green to brown as in the photo above (usually about mid August) It is time to dead head the expired blooms. With most herbaceous plants it is sad when the flowers are finished but with Alchmilla mollis It means that you can go back to enjoying the foliage which, due to the fine hairs on the leaves, makes any rain or dew that falls or forms on the leaves become beautiful balled droplets as in the picture below.

This plant is a low growing perennial (20-40 cm) that flowers with light green blooms in mid summer. it can be used as a ground cover plant and makes a good foreground framing plant in front of larger plants. It is best planted in groups (I recommend at least seven plants), as an individual plant it is insignificant. It is fully hardy and can remain in the ground over winter.

Care – This is a versatile plant that is tolerant of most soil types, it prefers full or half sunny positions but will grow in the shade if a little more slowly. Plant these about 20-25 cm apart in sunny positions or 10-15 cm apart under shade. Dead head the flowers when they turn brown in late summer and cut back the foliage in the winter. A little fertiliser worked into the soil around the roots in spring is a good idea but don’t overdo this.

Names – Botanical name Alchemilla mollis. Common names Lady’s Mantle and My Ladies favours.

Note – Advice is based on my experience of this plant in the UK and northern Europe, please seek further information if the weather conditions are different in you area of the world.


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