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Drawing From Over Her Knee
I look at my DVD and VHS collection and I see mostly M/f and F/f materiel, the reason for this is that most of the F/m material that I have seen is uninspiring. But the video’s that I bought back in the mid 90’s Featuring female bottoms/submisives where not dissimilar to the F/m material being produced now, a series of nameless backsides being lined up to be reddened or striped in half arsed (excuse the pun) scenario’s.
I cannot help thinking that the influence of female players in production companies, Christine (SIT spanking), Lucy McLean, Leia Ann Woods, Amber Pixie Wells, etc has had an influence on this side of the industry even outside of their own companies, leading production of all the M/f F/f production companies in the right direction. I think if us lads did the same perhaps there would be an improvement in the F/m world. So if you scroll down you will see a poll on the right hand side of the blog, please let your vote count.

It would be great to hear some comments on this one, both from men and women, but I am not going to answer comments left in this box, it is just for you to state your opinion.


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