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Daily Archives: September 13, 2007

>Do It Like They Don’t Do It On The Discovery Channel

>Not spanking but every day Flemish kink. This is a bronze statue by the Flemish artist Vim Delvoye called The Kiss. The thing that gets me about this piece of art, depicting two deers getting it on human style, is that it is not in a specialist exhibition garden or even a large city but is in the centre square of a sleepy little town. People see it every day and there are no protest groups or anything, in fact people hardly seem to notice it. Could you imagine this in Small Town USA or Little Market town UK?


>What I Hope ForThe Future Of This Blog

>The summer is coming to an end. I have worked all summer and have had very little chance to get time off and get out and about, therefore this blog of late has become a bit sort of “what I could grab off the ‘net” simply because I have had no time to to anything else. Now my colleagues are returning to work after their summer holidays and I hope this will give me a chance to get out more and show you a little more of Flanders, especially the kinky side. I am, unless something goes wrong, playing this weekend, how much I can tell you about this depends upon the lady concerned. I ALWAYS respect the wishes of a top if she desires partial or total discretion, however I do reserve the rights to my own backside so if I have some marks I can at least torture the poor readers of this blog with some pics of my withered old hide (example at the bottom of the page).

Before I go on I would like to thank Bonnie from My Bottom Smarts. Her tutorials, help and advice have been pure gold and I recommend that any new blogger read these. I have followed most of her advise that I could except where it concerned RSS feeds etc simply because I am a fundamentalist techno can’t be bothered and on the point of not burning out. As far as the techno stuff is concerned, well maybe one day if I am in the mood or somebody is threatening me with a hammer. On the burn out thing, since starting this blog there have been only two days that I have not posted and on both of these I was working so long hours that I was waking the Cockerel up on my way out and coming home to find that not only where the Cows already home but they had their slippers on and where drinking their bedtime cocoa. So I have decided to follow Bonnies advice on this and start taking at least one day off a week from blogging.

So if you keep on reading this blog I hope you find it will start to have a little more identity of its own and be less of a “grabbed a picture off the ‘net every day” type off thing. Although I will still be grabbing the odd thing off the ‘net when I think its interesting.