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Daily Archives: September 18, 2007

>Women Who Should Be Spankers – Diana Rigg as Emma Peel


Diana Rigg

As Emma Peel

This was in the 60’s when I was still a wee toddler, Diana Rigg became Emma Peel in The Avengers. I am not proposing Ms Rigg as a woman who should be spanking men but rather her character Mrs Emma Peel. Mrs Peel was a hip swinging 60’s chick while also Being an ass kicking martial arts expert, weapons user and an icon for women’s equality (at least on screen, unfortunately Ms Rigg left the series because she was being paid £10 a month less than the camera men). This character could easily swing into action, outsmart, outfight and subdue any bad guy. The only element that is missing is handing out a damn good bottom thrashing, I think the writers missed a trick there.
Diana Rigg was born in the UK in 1938, spent her early childhood in India, where she learned to speak Hindi. She was sent back to the UK to attend a boarding school and later a normal school when her parents returned from India. Ms Rigg then studied acting and drama at RADA before starting what turned out to be a long and successful acting career which included parts in the films On Her Majesties Secret Service and Theatre Of Blood.