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>We Come In Peace, Please Spank Us – Or A Fun Poll


No probes this time

I promised you a fun poll and this is it. Basically Aliens have been picking up internet broadcasts, the signals have been a little garbled but they have become intrigued with this thing we Earthlings call “Spanking” and wish to experience it themselves.

Through the garbled signals they have seen only four Earth spankers but cannot decide which they wish to take back to the planet “Greenass” to introduce their species to this new activity, so they have decided to let the spanking community of Earth decide who will be the best Ambassador.

Here are the candidates they propose.

Dallas – From Dallas Spanks Hard

Cassie Hunter – From Cassie Canes

Pavel Stastny – From RGE Films

David Pierson – From Punished Brats

If we fail to provide an Ambassador of worth, the Earth will be obliterated. So who will you send to save Mankind and introduce a new era of inter stella spanking to the galaxy.

The Poll is on the right hand side of the blog.


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  1. >I would vote for Chelsea Pfeiffer of fame. She epitomizes everything I love about this kink.:-)Dve

  2. >It would have been nice to make the list longer but then I would’nt know2 where to stop;-)Prefectdt


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