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>The Worthy Vanilla Cup – Tim Berners-Lee

>This, the second ever Worthy Vanilla Cup is awarded to –

Tim Berners-Lee

Or to give him his full name Sir Timothy Berners-Lee OM KBE FRS FREeng FRSA.

And what did Mr Berners-Lee do to to earn the Cup? he invented this –

The World Wide Web

Above is a 3D map of the World Wide Web. Working from the CERN institute in Switzerland, in November 1990, with the help of Robert Caillau, Mr Berners-Lee published the formal proposal for his idea. By Christmas 1990 the program for the first web browser was written and in August 1991 the World Wide Web became avilable for public use, opening up the Internet for all.
Whats more in April 1993 an announcement from CERN proclaimed that the World Wide Web would be free to all users, remember that the people involved in this could have been richer than Bill Gates but they gave this to us all for free.

All the spankos and other fetishists out there of my generation and older will remember how hard life was before the Internet became available. Now we can chat on chat rooms, sign up to sites for clips and photos, leave messages at forums and even read stuff like this on blogs.

Everybody give a round of applause to the worthy vanilla from England, Sir Tim Berners-Lee. We thank you from the heart of our bottoms.


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