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>Another Time In History – Amy Hunter

>In these modern times of Internet and DVDs a woman with the will and ability to become a spanking or BDSM model has many opportunities and companies that they can approach to get them into this type of work. But in days gone bye there was no such thing as the spanking production industry. I often look at a DVD or a photograph of a model and wonder what career path they may have chosen if they where born in another era. I decided to ponder on what Amy Hunter would have been doing if she had been born in the dark ages (or the early middle ages, to give that period it’s more correct name). The facilities at include a map to show the general region (do not worry the precise location of a visitor is not shown) where visitors are coming from and from which source. I find that most of the hits to this blog from Chronicles of correction are coming from a coastal strip about 100km wide across the northern part of Europe and from the Eastern side of the UK, all the areas that where targeted for viking raids and settlement, during the dark ages. So it can be concluded from this that many of Amy Hunters fans have a drop or two of Viking blood in them, so if Ms Hunter was born during this period perhaps she would have taken up a career as…………………

Amy the Viking

Above she is dressed ready for a hard days work, burning, pillaging and raping.
but at the end of the day she might have slipped into something more comfortable and enjoyed a pleasant evenings quaffing of ale and torturing prisoners (can I volunteer to be a prisoner).

Amy (Blood Axe) Hunterson at play

I don’t know if I should be doing posts like this (gives a nervous yet evil giggle)


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  1. >Ha! Hahahaha! You have no idea how close this is to accuracy. Laughing my head off! Thanks prefectd! Can’t wait for her to see this…

  2. >Hahahah! I love it! Viking-tastic! ;Dxxx

  3. >I’ll take it that this is a succesful post then 🙂 . Thank you Ladies.Prefectdt

  4. >Oh yes! You MUST do this again. I love that you even photoshopped her face into the pics. Brilliant!

  5. >I want to do this as an occasional series, it takes a while finding the photos and altering them, so I doubt if it will be every week.Prefectdt

  6. >Fantastic Matey…..loved this…..LOL! rolled off my chair laughing!Leia xxx

  7. >Thank you Ms Woods, maybe mmmmmmmmm!(goes looking for photos)Prefectdt


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