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>Another Time In History – Leia-Ann Woods

>It is the birth of the 18th century. Most of the kinky material around is being produced by the French, whom Britain is at war with. What is a good looking submissive woman to do, sit back and twiddle her thumbs, waiting for the day that Bonaparte is vanquished so that she can get back into her lifestyle without being accused of being a bit too French, I think not. Time to get into the fray herself and help change the situation. So it’s time to steal some britches, shove a sock in her knickers (panties) and find a recruiting Sergent drunk enough to think that she’s a man (and he would have to be very, very drunk to think that) and join the army.

Leia-Ann Woods – Green jacket

Ms Woods dodging musket balls on a Spanish Battlefield

Can’t help feeling that the chance of ending up on a whipping triangle isn’t an added bonus for her 🙂

You can see more of Leia-Ann woods at Leia Ann Woods Diary or Bars And Stripes Blog


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  1. >Heh! Another good one mate!

  2. >Thanks Jennifer :-)Prefectdt

  3. >LOL! Made me laugh!, though fighting for the French would seem wrong to me….especially as we did so well against them in the Six Nations last weekend!Leia xxx

  4. >I can hear the giggles from here but that is a british rilemans uniform. Your fighting against the Frennch :-)Prefectdt

  5. >that is ok then….sorry mis-read the script there!Leia xxx


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