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Daily Archives: March 2, 2008

>Kinky Island Discs – Prefectdt From Spankedhortic

Welcome to Kinky Island Discs, where kinky bloggers and celebrities are cast away on a desert island with nothing to comfort them in their isolation except for some DVDs and a few other luxury items.

This week being sentanced to a hell of his own creation, please welcome –

Prefectdt from the blog Spankedhortic

[Prefectdt note – I felt uncomfortable writing my own profile, so the profile this week has been kindly written by Ludwig of Ludwigs Rohrstock-Palast]

So now it’s time for Prefectdt himself to wade through the surf. I say it serves him right for coming up with this cruel castaway scenario in the first place. Don’t we all enjoy it when the tables are turned? Let’s see what he chooses to save from his sinking ship. If you are reading this , I suppose you don’t need much of a personal introduction. You probably know that Prefectdt is an English spanking enthusiast living in Flanders a horticulturalist and full of ideas. And you know how good the blog is – after over half a year, even though he posts new stuff more frequently than most of us, Prefectdt shows no sign of running out of creativity. On the contrary, I am always amazed by his variety and inventiveness. Thoughts for the day, photos of spanking models in historic garb, kinky calendars, savvy search engine analysis… and of coarse the magnificent Kinky Island Discs series itself. There is a fertile mind at work here, and our community would be the poorer without it. And it will be interesting to find out what Prefectdt brings to the island with him…


Disaster strikes

Whilst on a single handed boat trip across the Pacific Ocean, Prefectdt’s boat breaks down and his radio stops working, leaving him drifting for days. Disaster strikes and his boat begins to sink, luckily there is a desert island close enough for him to reach in his life boat but nobody knows where he is and he is likely to be stranded there for years, before he is rescued. Knowing that he was in trouble Prefectdt had stocked his lifeboat with all the survival gear that he could think of. But at the last minute Prefectdt realizes that he has put nothing in the life boat for entertainment or luxury, with the water lapping around his ankles he manages to grab a solar powered DVD player, five Kinky DVDs, a vanilla DVD, a single music track, a book, a kinky toy, and one vanilla luxury item.

To see what he chose and why I hand you over to the castaway himself – Prefectdt

Before I start I would like to say that it was not my Idea to land myself on the island, if you want to know who is to blame, it was the idea of THIS LADY.

Five Kinky DVDs

Disc one –

The Spy, by Pain4Fem
There are three very good reasons why I want to take this Film with me onto the island. 1/ It has Niki Flynn in it and I simply have to have some of her work with me. 2/ It is by Pain4Fem, so I know it is going to be an excellently made film with some great scenes in it and a good story line. 3/ I have not seen this film and I would not watch it straight away. We get Pain4Fem DVDs on the shelves in the specialist shops here in Belgium and this film has been at the top of my wish list since it came out, so I know I will buy it when I come across it. The reason that I want this film with me so much, is that I am very big on Christmas, even on what should have been the worst Christmas’s, I have found something good about the day or found a way to make the day special, I would save this film for my first Christmas day on the island, as a special Christmas treat.

Available from – Pain4Fem

Disc two –

Caned Every Day/The Finishing school, by Miss Marchmont
The first part of this DVD, Caned Every Day, is a good quality F/f scene with “Miss Brown” representing what a female top should be about, a bit “hot” in a stiff and starchy sort of way, giving a no nonsense caning to three bottoms/subs in a no fuss no hassle “getting it right” type of way and I would like to send my respect to the three subs in this scene.

The Finishing School has one of the most tackiest premises and awful surrounding play to the action that I have seen in the last 10 years. This is the one film that I own where I press the “FF” button and go straight to the action. But the action WOW!. This is the first film that I saw Leia-Ann Woods in, her poise and grace when “taking some” is just staggering. To make a sporting analogy, I think of myself in play the in same way as a pub league football (soccer) player, up and fighting doing, his best in an amateur sort of way, when I watch spanking models on screen it is the same as the little league player sitting down on a Saturday afternoon to watch the premier league players doing it professionaly, looking for tips, tricks and inspiration to help improve my own performance, while enjoying seeing their performances at the same time. Leia-Ann Woods is, for me, David Beckam, Pele and George Best all rolled into one. I can be a bit of a “dancer and squirmer” when playing, I know I will never be able to hold a position or “take” it as well as Ms woods does but her performances are a good aim point, something to aspire to. In play she is my role model and in this film she showed, right from the word go, that she was going to be a brilliant spanking model.

Available from – Belrose

Disc three –

You Should Be Expelled, by SIT Spanking

I can’t know what was happening in the UK, with the spanking video industry in the early and mid 1990’s as I was living first in the Netherlands and then in Belgium but on this side of the channel the stuff that was turning up in the shops, from the UK, was just crap, badly lit, badly filmed, poorly presented rubbish. The “lets just put pretty backsides getting stripey on film and the idiots will buy anything” philosophy of the films we where getting over here was insulting, not only to the customers but also to the performers who went nameless and un-respected in these films. Then, as the 20th century was nearing it’s end, along came Christina Lee and her team at Sting In the Tail, a company that I think goes a little unrecognised in the UK, that saved the reputation of the UK producers, at least in the Benelux countries. Nothing super special, competent tops playing with quality bottoms, competently filmed in a believable scenario. I would like to say a big THANK YOU and WELL DONE to the people at SIT Spanking. After getting on the Internet, You Should Be Expelled was the very first thing I purchased on the ‘net and although I prefer buying from a shop, there is something about checking the post box every night waiting for that little treat to arrive. I’ve had this film for eight years now and it still comes out of it’s box a couple of times a year to get checked out.

Available from – SIT Spanking

Disc four –

Pixie’s Fantasies Vol2, by Punished Brats

I had become a little dismissive of material from the USA, too much emphasis on OTK, sometimes a bit light weight, Then last year my attention was drawn towards Punished Brats. I’m not sure whether it’s Amber ‘Pixie’ Wells, David Pierson or someone behind the scenes that we do not know about but somebody over there really knows their sales and marketing and how to get a potential customers to look at their material. PB should be hiring their skills out to the rest of the spanking producers, it is not good enough to produce excellent material, you all have to learn how to sell it, like these people do so well, anyway enough of that. This film shows how sometimes you have to get away from the serious side of spanking, it is fun and interesting. This film has a whole pile of brilliant performers, both tops and bottoms (especially the lovely, stern, dark haired Veronica, who I think I am falling in love with, well at least in my dreams) in great fantasy scenarios. I can think of three brilliant reasons for taking this with me onto the Island 1/ It’s fun 2/ IT REALLY IS A WHOLE LOT OF FUN 3/ Veronica (sigh) is wearing glasses as she whups Ms Wells’ backside (gives a little girly giggle).

Available from – Punished Brats

Disc five –

Stalin, by RGE Films
RGE, the ultimate in quality, dark scenario video producers. Stalin in particular appeals to me with it’s feeling of paranoia, victimisation and the whole “there is no way out” feel to the film. All four subs take a very intense and harsh caning. The caning is taken free standing which, as anyone who has ever taken an extended caning can tell you, makes it more than doubly hard to take. Having to concentrate on holding a position while somebody takes a stick to your back side is difficult, having something to bend over not only gives physical support but also has the psychological advantage of having something to hang on to. I have never seen an RGE film that was not excellently made and left me with a feeling of admiration for the producers, tops, and especially the subs but to the four subs in this film, especially Katerina Tetova who took double the punishment, I only have one word to say that describes what I feel about their perfomances, RESPECT.

Available from – RGE Films

A Vanilla DVD

The Battle Of Britain
Note – if you watch this DVD go to the special features menu before you start and turn the William Walton score OFF. The score that the film was originally released with is far superior.

The true life story of the desperate struggle in the sky’s over Britain between the Luftwaffe and the RAF in WW2. It is not only an excellent film, the story of it’s making, with big name actors like, Michael Cane, Trevor Howard, Curt Jurgens, Ralph Richardson, working for the minimum pay, that they could (almost the same as the extras) without losing their Equity (actors union) cards, this was a story told by people who really wanted to tell it. This especially applies to Lawrence Olivier who was undergoing treatment for cancer when he was making this film. With the bigger budgets, more up to date special effects and other advantages that film makers have available to them today, I doubt whether a modern film maker could come up with a remake of this film that was even a tenth as good. And there is a kinky element for me, from Susannah York and no, not the famous frilly knickers scene (although I’m not complaining about that bit) but the part when she is in full RAF uniform, seeing off her injured charges “Bates, pull yourself together” caring in a strict no nonsense sort of way, that’s my idea of a perfect female top, except with a cane of course.

A music track

Be My Enemy, by The Waterboys

Having this song going through my head has gotten me through the early stages of play, many times, when it’s just a lot of pain, before the magic starts to happen. On the vanilla front too, I tend to try and treat people that I meet in life well but some idiots seem to think that this is a sign of weakness, they are wrong “If you will be my enemy, I’ll be your enemy too” this also applies to jars of jam that will not open. So this song is a reminder of some good spankings and a moral booster to my own determination.

A book

Grunts, by Mary Gentle

In the premise that I send out to people who want to do this I do state that a religious text of choice is part of the survival gear. As an Anoian, a worshiper of Anoia the goddes of things that get stuck in drawers, my religious text will be the entire Disc World Series by Terry Pratchet, you might think that this is cheating but what are you going to do about it , spank me? (offers welcome).

Grunts is an amazingly funny, fantasy book about a group of Orcs that steal some equipment from a dragons hoard. The equipment is military gear from Earth and has the effect of changing the mentality of the Orcs towards a human military nature. Not only a very funny book but an analysis of how the objects and things around us effect our mentality.

A spanking toy

My old plaited flogger

I have a particular dislike of cheap toys that you find in vanilla adult shops. Having said that my favourite toy is one of them. It is a plaited flogger with knot ends. It cost about 30 guilders (about £10) when I purchased it in the Netherlands, it was obtained to use as a visual prop to go with a costume, rather than as a serious toy but the inevitable happened one day and it got used. It is the most amazingly thumpy thing that I own, with no sting at all. It is so shodily made that every time it is used I am convinced that it will break but it never has, perhaps it was all the beer that got spilt on it that has strengthened it. A reminder of good plays and good parties.

A vanilla luxury item

Felco number 2 secateurs

These things are indestructible and with a maintenance kit and spares will last for ever. Horticulture is a large subject and hortics tend to specialise in a few areas. One of my great loves is topiary, at work I use a selection of hedge cutters and have a bit of a reputation in the art. But with the extra time on the island I can topiarise plants with these and help keep myself occupied and sane. With nobody else around to see, I can get away from doing geometric shapes and do some more figurative work of an adult nature and realize a life long ambition of “growing my own porn”.

Anything else to say

That was fun but hard to do, because of all the things that you want to take but have no room for. My only regret in the choices is that there is no F/m discs in my choice but this is a reflection of the greater quality and range of X/f material available, as an F/m enthusiast this leaves me a little sad.


There should be a Kinky Island Discs next week but I do not want to announce who it is untill I have a completed entry.