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Daily Archives: March 4, 2008

>"Spec"tacular Spanking

>Time for the second edition of women in glasses either in a giving or getting a spanking situation. I agonised a bit about links but decided in the end that if I find the pic on a site I will link to the site, if I find it on a blog I will link to the blog and not the site it originally came from.

First up is a pic of Amelia Jane Rutherford that I found at The Spanking Spot

Two pics of Susan in specs dishing it out from Pixie’s Previews

This hot top in specs I found at Spanking Pics & Vids blog

Sara from Spankingserver has changed her hair and got some new peircings but the glasses are still doing their magic

The last two are from Spanked Cutie

Enjoy, Prefectdt