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>Steel Moon – A Magazine Review



What is this Magazine

As is written on the cover, this is an information magazine for BDSM’ers. Although it has interest for non Dutch language speakers, it is a Dutch language magazine published from Belgium. Steel Moon is produced in half A4 format in quality glossy colour and reports on many scene aspects in Belgium and some in the Netherlands. The magazine is published once every two months.

Columns and features

The magazine has a few regular entries including a column by Meesteres (Mistress) Morticia and a letters page, run by slave clare. This magazine really shines when it comes to features, even in the two copies that where used for the illustrations for this post, there where five quality BDSM photographers, a shop review, events reviews, a meeting place feature, an historical article, instructional articles and much more. The features are well written and very interesting as well as being informative.


Two words “kick ass”. The magazine features a wide range of well reproduced photographs from quality photographers, this will be the main point of interest for anyone who does not read Dutch to buy this magazine. IMHO the photographs alone are worth the cover price.


Unusually for any Magazine this one could do with a few more advertisers. Adverts are few and far between but what there is, tend to be for events, shops and other BDSM related facilities in Belgium and the Netherlands. Steel Moon no longer carries any personal contact ads.

Costs and availability

Cover price is nine euros fifty cents (£7.25 or $14.50) or you can get a twelve month subscription (six editions) for fifty five euros (£42.00 or $84.20), I could not find details for extra postage charges for overseas subscribers. It is available off the shelf in most specialist shops in Belgium, even most of the vanilla adult shops carry this publication, I am unsure of it’s “off the shelf” availability in the Netherlands. Contact info is available at the end of the post.

Who would like this magazine

Well I do not count myself as a BDSM’er more of a purist spanko but I love it and look forward to every new issue, so from that I can say almost any kinster who lives in Belgium or the Netherlands should be reading this. Any Dutch speaking fetishists, living away from their home land who wants something in their own language to read would appreciate this magazine. The final group who may like this are non Dutch speaking, kinky, travellers visiting Belgium who want a better souvenir than a small boy peeing who has a corkscrew instead of a willy, to remember their trip by.

Addresses and contacts

Web address – enter the site, then click on “Magazine” in the left hand side bar

Enquiries –
Advertisers –


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  1. >Nice review. We were in the Fetish Cafe and yes, we saw the Magazine and of course slave Care. It’s an experience you won’t forget.

  2. >Hi John,I have got to get to the Fetish Cafe one day, it is difficult getting to Antwerp on a weekday evening though.Prefectdt

  3. >He’s getting a bit slovenly, my dear husband, when he can’t write the name of the slave correct. Hmm, in need of a bit attention I expect.

  4. >Go on Danielle, give him hell……..he should enjoy it :-)Prefectdt

  5. >Just to say I LOVE your site and as I am in bed with flu today I have read all of it and it roxxxx!!I love Kinky Island Discs and ists fascinating to see how others thing in the scene and was great to have appeared in it. Hope to meet you sometime, you are brill!!Emmax

  6. >thanks for the compliments, your making me blush. I would like to meet you too on day, it would be an honour for me. Hope that the flu clears up soon and you can be up and running in time to enjoy Spring.Prefectdt


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