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>Another Time In History – Sarah Collins/Miss Cameo

>We are deep in the 1970’s and Kink is not just a way of life it has also found a musical voice. It is the punk era, a kinky girl can go further than just practicing indoors she can get on stage and thrash the ears of an audience with the raw perverted sound of punk rock.

Sarah Collins getting anarchistic on stage

She is also famous for her topless guitar thrashes

You can see more of Sarah Collins/Miss Cameo at Miss Sarah Collins and Miss Cameo.


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  1. >I have fond memories of spanking, strapping and caning Sarah Collins on several filming sessions. A lovely lady.

  2. >Those must have been interesting shoots, Ms Collins certainly has a strong screen presence.Prefectdt

  3. >Wonderful! I can’t believe how well you’re nailing these characters of the girls I know and love. I think you must have spies!!

  4. >No, nobody is telling me nothing about the models concerned, I am just trying to interpret the impresion I get from the screen. There is also the element of chance, I am working with some very basic and old software and it helps when the pictures are easy to match. I’m glad that you are enjoying this series of postings.Prefectdt


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