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Daily Archives: March 16, 2008

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Taking A Little Break

Life has been busier than normal recently and something has to give, while I catch up on things, so I have decided to take a one week break from posting. Posting will resume on Tuesday 25TH of March. I am not going away or anything and I will still be commenting around the other blogs. I will be using the time to catch up on blog related activities that I have fell behind on, especially seeking participants for Kinky Island Discs and catching up on the back log of email correspondence. If you are waiting for an email from me I will get to you sometime during the week.

Some Blog Stuff

Blog News

Sierra Salem’s blog has moved to a new address which is

New Video Resource I have found it difficult to use video on this blog but for those bloggers that do and get annoyed at videos being removed from youtube and the like, Chloe Elise has found a place for fetishists to store their clips at the address is

Niki Flynn has been at the recieving end of a very interesting interview from Janine Ashbless at LUST BITES

Blogs For The Ouchy blogs Worth Checking Out List (below my profile)

Little Red Schoolhouse – Most spanking blog readers will already know this blog it is one that I have been meaning to list for months and keep forgetting to. Naughty me 😦

Beverly Bacci – This model counts, among her many fetish activities, getting spanked but she does loads of other stuff too, check out her blog to find out what.

Some fun stuff, some kinky, some vanilla

One way to stop a plane

This was actually on supermarket shelves until someone spotted the error

Watch out, there are gods about

Ice ice baby!

So that’s why people go fishing

You make em, they break em

Mp3s just got more fun

There are posters advertising the lotto
just like these, all over Belgium right now

Fancy a snack

Yuck in a bottle

A spanko doormat

Watch out for this guy in Vegas

Back after Easter

Watch this space

Posting resumes on Tuesday 24TH of March