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Daily Archives: March 25, 2008

>What I Did On My Holiday From Blogging

>Back in Infants and Junior school (5 -11 years old) in the UK ” What did you do on your holiday?” was always the first thing you had to write about when you went back to school after a holiday (vacation). By the time that you were 7 or 8 years old, you had worked out that this was because “Miss” had enjoyed her holiday too and had absolutely nothing prepared for you to do on your first day back. It ranked along with “what do you want to do when you grow up?” which meant that “Miss” had, had a very interesting weekend and was staring into the middle distance and hitting the aspirin pretty heavily on a Monday morning as you scribbled away. So now you get to be “Miss” or “Sir” as I give you my holiday report.

Blog stuff

I cleared out the hard drive and re-stocked it with some stuff for the blog. I also emailed some people to try and get contributions for Kinky Island Discs (not as many as I would have liked), I have yet to receive a completed contribution, so if you are filling in the form and want to be on this Sunday, email me soon.

I have changed my blog policy on posting galleries to quality Photographers. I like good photography and would like to post links to open galleries, especially of BDSM photographers. Since starting this blog I have emailed 27 photographers asking to show a couple of examples of their work and link to their open galleries, I have yet to receive 1 reply. So from now on I will use one or two example pictures and post links to their galleries and then send them an email and if they object I will remove the posting. I will not use any pictures that are not openly and freely available on the web.

I got spanked

I am absolutely forbidden to tell you by who, where, why and exactly when this happened and I always keep a Ladies confidence, if she asks me to. I do however retain total rights to my own backside. The picture below shows my backside about three and a half hours after the event. As you can see it was not the heaviest spanking ever but it was very pleasant. The spanking consisted of the application of hand and some household pervertables, mostly wooden stuff, spoon, spatula, that kind of thing. It was not the most painful encounter ever but it had a lot of sting 🙂

A pleasant, light, Easter, spanking

I joined FetLife

Abby at The Little Red Schoolhouse is telling everybody about FetLife it is sort of like Facebook or MySpace but for, as it says on the title page the,”BDSM & fetish community, for kinksters by kinksters”. I have joined as “Prefectdt” and have the Flemish Lion as the main picture on my profile. This is the first time that I have joined anything like this (not even a vanilla version before) so any tips or tricks on how to get this to work well or what is considered good/bad manners are most welcome.

A conversation has already started with a submissive woman living in Brussels, if she has any scene news, from Belgium’s capital, perhaps I may be able to pass it on to you blog readers.

I relaxed over Easter

I have a new “Vanilla post warning” sign that I made from a picture that was posted on The American Spanking Society.

Easter was nice and calm with bad weather (ice, hail and snow) ,so I kicked back a bit and relaxed, seems like the first time that I have done this in months. There is a photo of the Easter stash below. It was great that Easter came so early this year, so that it was possible to pig out on chocolate before the annual spring diet starts

The Easter chocolate haul

And that’s what I did on my holiday.