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Daily Archives: March 29, 2008

>Learch Engine Finds

>It’s time to see the mix of keywords and phrases that got people to this blog. Some of these leave me giggling, some of these make me scratch my head.

Amelia-Jane Rutherford enema – If Ms Rutherford is reading this, please note that it is not my idea.

Ent over panties spanking teacherEnts? what next Elves? Orcs?

Caned by his headmistress for his perverted thoughts – Yes please!

Getting an exiting spanking – do you feel that there should be an extra “c” in there somewhere.

Hortic island vanilla Belgium – It would be nice to have my own island but it would not be vanilla 🙂

Lady has knicker hunters fetish – there must be a web site about this somewhere?

Transvestite footballers pics – Are we talking American football, as in the Denver Broncettes or soccer, as in Queens Park Strangers?

Kinky Leprechaun costumes – At the end of the rainbow.

Kinky Suzi Perry pics – If you find some let me know.

Nichole Kidman spanked – Yes about time this happened.

Model Cherie butt – Can you get these from Airfix.

Lady Pandora spanker – I didn’t know Pandora Blake was titled

Spanking central men – And what about the men on the left and the right?

Spank you over my knee – or over the chair or desk, it’s all good for me.

Do ladies agree if naughty must have bottoms spanked – Some do.

Women who tawse men – By rights Scotland should be full of them.

Read only 1,3 and 5 – “The Eagle lands at midnight.” Do you have the microfilm?

Oops I did it again Samantha Woodley – Perhaps you should tell Ms Woodley this.

Sardax kick – He may kick back.

enjoy, Prefectdt