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Daily Archives: March 30, 2008

>A Warning – A Kinky Island Discs Announcement – Asking for some help


Warning compromised emails

I may be being a little paranoid but recently some occurrences in the two email addresses that I use for this blog, and, have led me to believe that these email addresses have been compromised and are no longer private. More on that in the “asking for help” part of this post.

Kinky Island Discs

Until I find out what is happening with my email addresses I have decided to suspend activity on searching for contributors for these postings. I will bring this feature back as soon as possible.

Asking for help with the email problem

Due to some replies to emails that I have not sent (not those spam mails but ones from addresses of known corespondents) and emails that where expected from reliable corespondents that have not turned up I am lead to believe that someone has managed to gain access to my email addresses and, for whatever reason, is “messing around” with my corespondents so I am asking for help in identifying if I have a genuine problem or if a sequence of coincidences has led me to a false conclusion. All replies in the comments box here please.

Has anyone experienced the following

Has anyone received emails from me that seem out of character? – anything offensive or that does not have the feel of being written by myself.

Has anyone emailed me and not received a reply? – I always do my best to reply to all genuine emails.

Has anyone submitted an entry to Kinky Island Discs and had it rejected or not posted? – I have never personally rejected a completed entry to date and always reply to entries with a “thank you” and at least a general idea of when they will be posted.

Does anyone know any ways of finding out for sure if email addresses or information on hard drives have been accessed?

Thank you in advance to anyone who is able to supply information or help.

Something to lighten the mood

Just so that this is not a total misery guts post we have the following.

The clocks go forward today and that marks the start of my annual spring diet. This means having to reduce the consumption of my favorite addictive food – Chocolate.

When I came across this picture I thought I was still asleep and having a wet dream

And in that wet dream she could arrive in this car