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Daily Archives: April 3, 2008

>Sandy Viktor Nys – Photographer and Artist


I said I would feature more photographers on this blog and this one is a Belgian based photographer and artist who blows my mind.

Sandy Viktor Nys


Having first seen some bondage photographs in an issue of Steel moon, I visited the website of this artist/photographer. The galleries on the site are fascinating and draw the eye into wanting to see more and more.

Chapel Sinner

Sandy Viktor Nys is a photographer, painter and graphic designer who combines photography and art to create stunning and thought provoking, erotic images. In his c.v. he describes his aim as “the combining of ancient knowledge and contemporary images”.

White Lady

“Nightmares from one person can be the sweet wishful dreams of another”

Nys’ art speaks for itself. If you can tour his galleries without finding a picture that provokes either a deep thought or emotion, I suggest that you get to a doctor and be declared dead. You can see more of his work through the link below.

Sandy Viktor Nys