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>Some Blog Stuff And Two Blog Merit Certificates


New email address

As a short term solution to some email problems I have been having lately I am changing my email addresses. The new one for this blog is

New site for the side bar

It’s not really a new site but I thought that it had disappeared but it still exists so I am putting it in the Spanking And Kinky Resource Sites list (to the right at the bottom) Spanking Art Wiki. The opening page is blank but if you use the search facility you can still find some resources.

The Ouchy Blogs Worth Checking Out list

New blog link

Hermione’s Heart – Most blog readers will have seen Hermione commenting around the blogs for some time. Several weeks ago she started blogging and her blog is developing nicely with some interesting content. Hermione is a Canadian lady in her early 50s who likes to be at the receiving end of a spanking.

A blog moving

Kinky Farm Wife – has hidden her blog, I presume that she is taking a break from blogging again. So it will go to this list for the time being.

Blog merit certificates

Dr Rosy Malford (my non existent head mistress) has sent down two blog merit certificates from her fictitious study, so these blogs will be moving to the top list.

Well Spanked Man – Thebes and Twilight’s blog about their F/m relationship and video clip making enterprise.

Mostly Secret – weird, weird, weird, love it . I check this every day and look forward to every update, well done B.

Enjoy, Prefectdt

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