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Daily Archives: April 6, 2008

>Some Kinky Island Discs Stuff And "Whats In A Name" A Musing

>Kinky Island Discs

The plan from now on

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find enough people to keep Kinky Island Discs going as a weekly feature. It will continue, just not every week. having said that it returns next week.

Kate James will be struggling through the surf to take up residence on the island, next week Sunday 13TH of April.
Whats in a name
A short musing


In a recent communication someone asked me if I had a scene name. I have to admit that I have had a lot, pseudonyms seem to stick to me like barnacles to a boat, the only ones that never seem to stick are the ones I make up myself. The name I use for this blog and things associated with it “Prefectdt” is a combination of two names that I once bore, Prefect and De Tee, two play characters that where fun but are no longer appropriate. Prefectdt is sort of a nice reminder of times past. Even in Vanilla life I tend to get nicknames, The only people that try to use my real name are the people at work and even then they try to pronounce my Scottish first name (although I’m not Scottish) as if it was an English name, totally mispronouncing it. Over the years I have stopped caring what people call me unless they are trying to insult me.

Do you have a name that people call you that you particularly like or dislike?
Scene or otherwise.


I describe myself as a bottom, it is not in my nature to jump down peoples throats if they call me a switch or a submissive because on a technical level they are correct. I am submissive and compliant, when playing but in life in general I can be a bit “alpha male” and could never be a lifestyle submissive, having decisions made for me, so I think of myself as a bottom.
To call me a switch is to some extent accurate, I do switch but I never fantasize about being a top or a Dom, it is only a convenience for another bottom/sub or switch who is willing to do the same for me. To emphasize the point when times are difficult I have no issues with seeing a professional disciplinarian or Domme to whup my old hide but I would consider it a waste of money to pay to whup the backside of a professional bottom or sub.
Call me a submissive or a switch if you want but I will always think of myself as a bottom. at the end of the day it is not important, they are just labels that we give each other. Labels do not matter, they are general descriptions, they are not who we are.

Which label do you prefer to wear and why?