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Daily Archives: April 8, 2008

>Some Images From Belgium

>I do my best to bring some news, views and local kinky culture from Flanders and Belgium in general, a few images have been stacking up in my folders, so why not post them, right!

No it doesn’t mean that

When I saw this poster, for a one man show, I thought that I had found another Dutch word for spank but when it was investigated it was found to mean “Backbiting”. The design seems to suggest otherwise though.

Pornographic tree slice

One of my workmates was making some tree slices for a display, for a school, count the rings, see how different types of trees look on the inside etc. Perhaps it’s just my twisted imagination but this slice seemed to have a “crotch shot” quality to it. Is there a market for tree slice porn?

A shop in Antwerp

Doing a little urban trekking around Antwerp a few weeks ago I came across this shop selling edible erotica and other kinky novelties.

If you want to visit it it is on a street called Oever (just that, not Oever straat or anything) not far from the historical center of Antwerp (near the cathedral)

Don’t get thrown out of this restaurant

Pretty vanilla, unless you get your kicks from eating at great heights, a friend sent me these pics a couple of weeks ago about an eating experience that is available in Brussels. Sometimes they have a piano and pianist dangling from a cradle underneath this as well, for those that like music while they eat and dangle.

Enjoy, Prefectdt