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Daily Archives: April 11, 2008

>Thought For The Week


A double thought for the week this week, one for the spankos and other kinksters out there and one for the poor vanillas of this world.

The spanko thought

When I read about the evils of adult spanking,
I gave up reading.

(Source – converted from a saying by Henry Youngman)

And the vanilla thought – especially directed at some government officials, that I had to deal with today, who finally found some paperwork, that they where accusing me of not giving them on time, in the cabinet that I pointed at, which I had seen one of them put the said paperwork in, when I gave it to them (about 10 months ago).

A word to the wise ain’t necessary,
it’s the stupid ones that need advice.

(source – I don’t know but it was a very wise person)


>Another Time In History – Lucy Mclean

>Deep in the jazz era of the 1930,s Scotland feels that it should follow the American example of prohibition but even the most puritanical Scot would cringe at the idea of not being able to have a “wee dram”. The authorities decide instead to prohibit adult spanking. So imagine the screech of tires as –

This car

pulls up on a Glasgow street and out steps Scotland’s most wanted gangster –

Lucy ‘Baby face’ McLean

Running a string of spank ease’s Baby Face’s gang of SBBW muscle girls have become the most successful smugglers of spanking implements in Scotland. Mysteriously followed by a constant medley of Benny Goodman tunes McLean has elbowed every other spanking gang out of Glasgow and the police tremble in fear at the mention of her name, she is the undisputed boss of organized adult spanking crime north of the border.

If you wish to find out more about this lady click on Lucy McLean’s profile