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Daily Archives: April 12, 2008

>Daily Tang Does A Spanking Episode – Other Blog Stuff – And A Joke


Dita Rose gets spanked (and caned)

The latest edition of The Daily Tang vlog is a spanking episode featuring some spanking sites and the story of how one of their presenters, Dita Rose, gets an ass whupping for a video shoot.You can see both through the links below

The Daily Tang

Dita Rose’s spanking and caning for Clips4Sale
French Maid Spanking

Blog stuff

Site for the resource list

Fetish Tube – Like Youtube but without the deletions by the cyber Nazis

Blog moving

Emma Bishop has opened up a new website and her blog has moved onto this site. If you go to her old blog you will be re directed to her new blog but if you want to cut out the middle man and go directly to her blog the new address is .

New Blogs for the second list

My Life Uncensored And RawKate Rose James has started a new blogspot blog to do a little more written blogging. Remember tomorrow she will be appearing on Kinky Island Discs.

Ariel Anderssen/Amelia-Jane RutherfordAmelia-Jane AKA Ariel has the split personality of a model who is required to appear BDSM and Spanking videos. I do not know much about her but she seems very popular with the other models and am looking forward to learning more about her (or them) and her (or their) work.

A vanilla joke

Green rootsdown featured a joke that had a horticultural element (there is a bush in it). So I decided to get totally copy catty and post a joke that tickled the giggle gland, when it arrived in the email.

Things that are difficult to say when drunk


Things that are very difficult to say when drunk

Passive-aggressive disorder
Trans substantiate

Things that are impossible to say when drunk

No thanks, I’m married
Nope, no more booze for me
Sorry, but your really not my type
Kebab? No thanks, I’m not hungry
Good evening officer. Isn’t it a lovely night
Oh! I couldn’t! No one wants to hear me sing karaoke
I’m not interested in fighting you
Dance? No thanks, I’d hate to make a fool of myself
I refuse to pee in the street
I must be going home now – I have work in the morning

Enjoy, Prefectdt