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Daily Archives: April 13, 2008

>Kinky Island Discs – Katherine Rose James

Welcome to Kinky Island Discs, where kinky bloggers and celebrities are cast away on a desert island with nothing to comfort them in their isolation except for some DVDs and a few other luxury items.

In this post representing the youthful side of the American spanking model community, the island is occupied by –

Katherine Rose James

At the age of 19 Ms James has burst onto the spanking scene with a vengeance. She has already worked with such companies as Tantrum Trainers, Spanked Sweeties and has crossed the pond to earn the title of “International Model” by shooting in Scotland for Northern Spanking. Even after all this, in such a short period, Kate James describes her modeling activities as a hobby and not her full time occupation. Ms James currently lives in Brooklyn , New York, with her boyfriend Max. If your a top and lucky enough to live in New York. Kate James offers 1to1 services and 2to1 and even 3to1 sessions alongside her friends, Chrissy and Leighton. As for future ambitions, Kate James would like to shoot for Shadow Lane.

If you wish to find out more about Katherine Rose James, you can visit her two blogs, My Life Uncensored And Raw and The Wonderful World Of Kate James. She also has a personal website and main blog at, Spanking Kate James

If you would like to see a clip of Ms James in action follow THIS LINK.

Disaster Strikes

Whilst on a single handed boat trip across the Pacific Ocean, Ms James’ boat breaks down and her radio stops working, leaving her drifting for days. Disaster strikes and and her boat begins to sink, luckily there is a desert island close enough for her to reach in her life boat but nobody knows where she is and she is likely to be stranded there for years, before she is rescued. Knowing that she was in trouble Ms James stocked her life boat with all the survival gear that she could think of. But at the last minute Kate realizes that she that she has put nothing in her life boat for entertainment or luxury, with the water lapping around her ankles she manages to grab a solar powered DVD player, five kinky DVDs, a vanilla DVD, a single music track, a book, a kinky toy and one vanilla luxury item.

To find out what she chose to take with her and why I hand you over to the castaway herself, Kate James

Five kinky DVDs

Disc one –

The Great American Spank Off starring Erica Scott and Sierra Salem by Spanking Epics.

It’s a funny feel good spanking DVD with two great girls.

Available from – Spanking Epics

Disc two –

A Lovers Quarrel starring Max Maximmovich and Shannon Rose from Shadow Lane.
It’s a favorite, always has been, always will be! But I may be biased ๐Ÿ˜‰

Available from – Shadow Lane

Disc three –

The secretary
It’s so very coming of age

Disc four –

Eggs by Northern Spanking starring Stephen Lewis and Amy Hunter.
It’s hysterical! ๐Ÿ™‚

Available for download from – Northern Spanking Institute

Disc five –

I can’t think of that many! ๐Ÿ™‚

A vanilla DVD

Law And Order: Criminal Intent, any season

A music track

(Crazy for you) But Not That Crazy by The Magnetic Fields
I could listen to it all day without getting tired of it. It’s a song my boyfriend sings to me a lot.

A book

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon [Prefectdt note – published in the UK under the title “Cross Stitch“]
It’s a long and good read and kinky to boot!

A spanking implement

Hmm…a vibrator?! But they are battery powered…probably A Paddle.
So I could keep my bum red!

A vanilla luxury item

Nintendo DS…solar powered of course and lots of games.
It keeps me busy!

Is there anything else you would like to add? – Not sure…but I don’t think I’d like to be stranded on an island for very long without sunscreen…hehe ๐Ÿ™‚


On behalf of myself and the readers of Spankedhortic I would like to thank Ms James for allowing us to share her interests and preferences.