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>"Spec"tacular Spanking

>Time to satisfy my terrible perversion, the totally wonderfully sexy effect a pair of simple glasses has on me. Remember the old saying “Men never make passes at girls who wear glasses” this is sometimes true of me but only because I’m so smitten by a gorgeous lass in specs that I have lost the power of speech. It would not surprise me if one day I was told to “Stop talking to my glasses and talk to my breasts, like a normal bloke, will you” . Add this obsession to pain play and the world is a perfect place.

Being my normal disorganized self I wrote down the names of these bespectacled beauties and then forget to jot down which one was in which photo.
So the following four wonderful spec wearers are Claire Adams, Berlin, Dragonfly and Penny Play, as they appear at

Whipped Ass

Amelia-Jane Rutherford Getting a prison whupping dressed in an office suit and sporting specs, these where found at

The Spanking Spot

Enjoy, Prefectdt

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  1. >Very nice pictures and I liked them. Now it would do some good to have some color added to those pale bottoms! LOL!

  2. >Yes like painting with the worlds harshest brushes (evil laugh).Prefectdt

  3. >Hello, I like this blog. Great Work. I propouse a intechange of links betwen our blogs. If you like it, please, let me a mesenge in my blog. Greetings


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