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Daily Archives: April 17, 2008

>My Good Advice – Top Five


Her are the top five bits of advice I have heard or read, in my life that help me make it through to the next day. They are in reverse order. There is a comment box open to all under this post, so if you have a good bit of advice to share with myself and the readers of this blog, for the love of God don’t keep it to yourself, the world needs guidance from everybody in it.

Number five

If you don’t like what your doing, stop doing it

I had worked this one out for myself, some time ago but it was summed up in something that Lucy McLean wrote. One simple line replaced a whole essay.

Number four

To thine own self be true

I’ve probably misquoted that, I’m a big fan of watching the works of Shakespeare but I’m damned if I going to read Shakespeare. It is a fact of life that we all have to present an image to the world and cannot show the chinks in our armour. But it is important to know where we are strong and use those strengths and know where we are weak and compensate for those weaknesses. An exercise that some people find very difficult.

Number Three

Listen to people who say “What I did” and not to the people who say “what I would do”

It is a natural human reaction to give advice but no theorizing can ever take the place of actual experience. If you have a problem or are facing a situation that is hard to cope with, listen to people who have already dealt with the same hardship and emerged successfully from their dilemma and see if their solution could work for you.

Number two

Don’t stand under a falling tree

This one isn’t the advice itself, it represents all the practical stuff that you hear. You can live by the best philosophies in the world but if you get yourself killed, by being stupid, these philosophies don’t count for squat.

Number One

When it comes to people, presume nothing, learn who they are

I wish my Dad had told me this one, it was the type of thing that he would have said, if he had thought about it. I was actually given this by a lecturer, during my student days.
It is the hardest one to follow, it is so easy and even comfortable, to judge people by their demeanor, the way they dress, basically that first impression, doing this is always a mistake. The worst judges of character in the world are those fools that say things like “I can tell exactly what someone is like two minutes after I’ve met them” these people always get it wrong and are not worth listening to. People are the hardest thing to asses in the world but being able to asses them is one of the most important things in the world.