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>Goobyeeee – El Tercer Ojo & Spanking Central – Some New Links – And A Man Who Has Earned A Spanking

>I haven’t done one of these for a while and I hate doing them, but it is something that needs doing, so I will get it over with first.

El Tercer Ojo
Spanking central

El Tercer Ojo – This blog has not gone (and I hope it does not get deleted) but it hasn’t been posted on for over six months now, so it can only be counted as a dead blog. El Tercer Ojo was a real quality blog written in an interesting manner, although it is disappearing from the blog roll, it’s archive is well worth a good trawl through, lets hope it remains floating in Cyber space for some time to come as a memorial to itself.

Spanking Central – A pleasant general mix blog written by a male top. Not sure what happened to this one, I saw no announcement or anything it just disappeared.

A Fond farewell to El Tercer Ojo and Spanking Central

Spankos on the move

Amber ‘Pixie’ Wells Spanking Journal is moving to –

Just My Random Perverted Thoughts is moving to –

New Blogs For The Second Roll

Curvaceous Dee – I have been checking this blog out from other blogs for a while and find the writing of Dee worthy of a ponder.

Pest’s World – A new blog with some good recommendations from other bloggers, so it goes on the roll.

The Inner Workings Of Dixie – I have been checking this blog out for some time. For some reason it seems to take ages to download, so I’m afraid it only gets checked by me when time allows. It is a great tale of the adventures of a young spanko lass from the USA.

Spanking Latino – This guy turned up in my comments box this week so I checked out his blog. I do not think I will go there too often, as I cannot read Spanish, but it is well worth a peruse.

A New Site For The Resource List (Bottom Right)

The – Features, events announcements and so much more stuff. This site could prove very useful.

A Man who Has Earned a Spanking

On Three Levels

This guy has three offenses against him
1/ Riding around with only three wheels on his wagon
2/ Using his wife as ballast
3/ Being smiley and wavy about his crimes


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  1. >It is a sad thing for when a blog or two disappears and becomes a dead blog. I hope mine or others that I read won’t be considered a dead blog. Thanks for letting us know and I quote another fond farewell to El Tercer Ojo and Spanking Central even though I never got a chance to see these blogs. Prefectdt, thanks for putting my blog on your roll and I do appreciate it.

  2. >Yes, I hate doing goodbyeeee’s but El Tercer Ojo is still there, just inactive. Mia, the author is a writer by trade, so the blog is worth a trawl through.Prefectdt

  3. >Thanks for the review of Spanking Latino. It’s nice to find people so careful!Greetings.


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