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Daily Archives: April 20, 2008

>Blogger Content Warnings And Some Lame Limericks


Blogger content warnings

All over Google blogger blogs, content warning pages are appearing. Some are installed by their owners and some are imposed on the blog. This is resulting in spanking and other kinky bloggers fleeing blogger like forest animals running from a fire.
The main problem, as I see it at the moment, is that there seem to be a lot of factoids flying about. For example, on one blog we are informed that getting a warning page takes the blog off Google search engines and on another we are told this is not the case.
I would not mind too much having a warning page but I presumed that these contained the type of software that trips the “Net Nanny” type programs that keep the kiddies out, this is, I am informed not the case, so the warning page seems to be a totally pointless exercise.
There has also been speculation that this censoring episode is a forerunner to a spate of blog deletions by Google.

So I am asking the following question.

What FACTS does anyone have about whats going on?

I am sure all Google kink bloggers would be grateful for accurate information. I know I would.

Spanko Limericks

For those readers who do not come from a country with a tradition of Limericks, they are basically a short poem of five lines, usually humorous, where lines 1,2, and 5 rime with each other and lines 3 and 4 rime together. If you need more explanation try this definition at Wikipedia Limericks.

Some of you may have noticed that I sometimes leave limericks in other bloggers comment boxes. so I thought ‘what the hell’ I may as well torture everyone with my lame efforts at limericking here.

This one was inspired by THIS POST at Spankful Delight

If for spanking tales your eye itches
Spankful delight will fill in those niches
Purple Angel’s your lady
But don’t act too shady
Remember folks this lady switches

And this one is about All Things Spanking

All things spanking is a great blog
Onto which you just have to log
Funny pictures and wits
Are posted by Mitch
To make you laugh just like a hog

I can hear the groans from here,