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Daily Archives: April 22, 2008

>St George’s Day


I know this is tomorrow (23rd April) but this post will show all day tomorrow at the top of the blog

Happy St Georges Day

The English Flag

St George Killing the Dragon by Raphael

Of all the national days in the UK, St Georges is probably the least celebrated, so I thought that I would have a run through of somethings English for the information of the rest of the world.

The national Saint of England is St George, he was not English. As far as I know, in terms of modern day geography, he was from Turkey and killed the Dragon in Syria.

The Tudor rose

The national flower of england is the red rose and a lot of wars where fought to make it red an not white.

The English Oak (Quercus robor)

England’s national tree

England has given the world some really great things, for example the works of this guy

William Shakespeare

And England has given the world some terrible things, for example

Morris Dancing

Oh! the shame

But in my opinion the best thing that England has shared with the world

For all consenting adults to enjoy is

The traditional school caning scene

Photograph courtesy of Pure Spanking

Happy St Georges Day from myself and Dr Rosy Malford