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>Some Blog Stuff – Niki Flynn On The Daily Tang – Good And Evil Exist Together

The exodus from Google blogger continues with two more blogs upping sticks and finding another internet camping spot.

Richard Windsor has moved to

The Cherry Red Report has found a new home at

A new blog for the roll

Dallas Spanks Hard – If there is anyone unaware of who Dallas is, he is a professional top who runs his own website that concentrates on the harsher end of M/f spanking. His blog contains info about the website and hopefully some views and perspectives from Dallas himself, he does work with so many wonderful models.

A new site for the resources list

Spanking News Online – Written in blog format this site is hoping to spread news from around the Kink world by encouraging reader participation. So if you have any news or know of an event please go and tell them and hopefully they will tell everybody else.

Vlog stuff – Niki Flynn on The Daily Tang

The Daily Tang has done an episode that features Niki Flynn’s book Dances With Werewolves posted on Thursday 24TH of April that you can see from this link The Daily Tang – Veronika’s favorite position. The episode has some other interesting stuff in it too.

And finally

How good and evil always go together

I wonder if which word you see first is some kind of character test?


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  1. >ummmmmmm i saw good first and actually had trouble seeing “evil”.. small smile…… guess we all know why that is don’t we?? morningstar (owned by Warren)

  2. >Even I could see the Good in the lettering! LOL! I just can’t see the big E on the eye chart at the doctor’s office! Hehehehe!

  3. >I saw the good first, when I first saw it but now I immediately see the evil and have to concentrate to see the good.Prefectdt


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