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Fight The Laws Against Violent Pornography

The debate

This coming week there is a debate in the House Of Lords (the UK’s second parliamentary body) on laws which include the criminalization of the production, ownership and viewing of pornographic material deemed to be of a violent nature. Niki Flynn has already posted about this I strongly recommend that you read what she has posted and the comments that followed in this link Violent pornography debate.

Some questions you should be asking yourself about this

What can I do about it ?

Write emails to members of the House of Lord pointing out the stupidity and injustice of laws that will result in the possible persecution of Spankos and BDSMers living in the UK.

I live in the UK why should I care?

If you own a DVD, or have downloads of clips or pictures from producers such as Lupus, Northern Spanking Institute or whipped Ass or are part of the UKs Kink image production industry or (and I’m not 100% sure of this) have videoed yourself and your partner(s) indulging in acts described in this bill you could become a criminal in the eye’s of the law and may be liable to prosecution.

I don’t live in the UK why should I care?

The world is full of poor quality politicians seeking easy notoriety and they would not pause to try and copy a “cheap shot” law like this. If it happens in the UK it is more than likely that it somebody will try and introduce copy cat laws of a similar nature WHERE YOU LIVE.
Secondly the UK is one of the largest producers and markets for video material of a nature that many of us enjoy viewing, if it is illegal to produce in the UK many companies will disappear and producers worldwide will lose customers from the UK.

Some issues that you could point out

Implementing these laws properly, will cost a fortune

The population of the UK is approximately 60,000,000, at conservative estimates, about 10% of any western country are practicing pain players. That means the extra strains on the Police and cost to the taxpayers of monitoring about 600,000 people, where the money and police time would be better spent looking for real criminals instead of persecuting willing and consenting adults.

Supporting these laws will result in a loss of votes

The House of Lords is not a body elected by the populous but most members are affiliated with one of the political parties. I can only speak for myself but I would never vote for a politician who’s party supported this bill and can only suspect that many others feel the same way as myself therefore possibly alienating approximately 10% of the voting population.

This law is going to lead to an increase in genuine criminal behavior

Although there is no official regulation of spanking or BDSM material production, it is possible for models and producers to communicate with each other and inform each other of any bad practices going on. These laws would not stop the production of BDSM and spanking material, it would merely put the responsible producers out of business and leave the field clear for undesirables and criminals to take advantage of uniformed models and other workers in the industry, that will no longer have more experienced colleagues to approach for help and advice.

Anything else

A hundred other valid points, have a think about it and see what the old grey matter comes up with.

Further information and email addresses

For further information try these links – Fighting ‘extreme porn’ proposals
Backlash UK – Backlash
Backlash on Youtube – Backlash on YouTube

To find the email of a particular Lord search –


Torie (Conservative) lords – Flora Rose
Liberal Democrats – Elizabeth Hanna
Non party affiliated – Julian Dee

Thanks to all who are willing to join the fight for fetish rights.


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