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Daily Archives: April 29, 2008

>New Anti BDSM Pornography Laws at The BBC


This is an extra mini post not a normal posting

The BBC website has an article about the laws being discussed in the House of Parliament, this week you can read it and leave a comment there from the link below.

Kinky Porn Laws at the BBC

>Blog Calendar – May Page

>The merry month of May approaches and so it is time for the next blog calendar page. As always it is proportioned to be printed out in portrait format on an A4 piece of paper so why not print it out, put it up at work and impress the boss.

This comes from a set of prints by the excellent artist SARDAX that are available to buy from OBSESSION ART.

If you have a photo or piece of art that you would like to be considered for the calendar send it to . Any contribution used will be credited on the calendar page and, as you can see, linked to the source in the posting.