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Monthly Archives: May 2008

>Technical Difficulties And Apologies For The Break In Posting

>Firstly I would like to thank the very nice and understanding vanilla friend of mine, who has let me use his, mobile connection, modem to make this post.

I apologies to you, the readers of this blog, for the break in posting. Having just obtained a new computer my telephone line has decided to totally fail, even the normal telephone is not working properly. It may take a few days or even a couple of weeks for the problem to be solved because the people from the telephone company have to come round and fix it.

At the moment I cannot –


Comment on other blogs

Read emails

Access anything online at all

Thank you for your understanding and I will be back and posting as soon as the problem is sorted out.


I will be back

>Goodbyeeee – ChloeElise’s Spanking Adventures



Chloe Elise’s Spanking Adventures

I have not been able to access this blog for a couple of weeks and was very much looking forward to seeing if there had been some updates on it. Finally, this weekend gone, I got to click into it and sadly found that it was gone. I cannot know if Ms Elise made a farewell post or not before she deleted it (at least I hope it was a voluntary deletion rather than something else).
This blog was of course about aspects of the professional and private life of Chloe Elise, a spanking model who has worked for many companies such as Shadow Lane, Dallas Spanks Hard

and most notably Punished Brats as well many others. This all added up to an interesting and often funny look into the life of a spanking model in the USA. Personally and I doubt if I’m alone in this but I hope Ms Elise has not given up on the modeling front. As Chelsea Pfeiffer remarked, on the DVD Chelsea Spanks Chloe & Pixie, she really is a natural brat.
So lets bid a fond farewell to Chloe Elise’s Spanking Adventures.


>Back In Business


New Computer

And the illustration says what I am doing now teaching the new crunch box that I am the boss and learning that the opposite is actually true.

I have finally been able to get into my email accounts today so over the next week I will be catching up on emails as well as comments and whats been going on on the blogs, that I have not been able to access over the past week or two.

The new computer has a squeaky clean hard drive, as in there are no stored photographs, illustrations, or software such as Adobe. All the programs on the old computer where very old hat, so I have decided to start to get more updated versions for this computer, rather than try to make the old stuff work. For all the stuff that was in the blog files I have decided not to transfer the old stuff to this computer, partially for fear that lots of nasty bugs may come with the files but mostly because I am a total computer Luddite and cannot be bothered. Therefore it will be a while before a stock of illustrations are accumulated for use on the blog.

I got the new crunch box yesterday and have spent most of the past two days getting it working. The regular posting pattern will resume on Tuesday but it may be a while before things get totally back to normal, as I learn how to work the new system (at the moment I am charging round in here like a cyber bull in a virtual china shop)

to round up, normal posting from Tuesday. Thanks for your understanding during this time of technical difficulties.


>Thought For The Week – And The Computer Saga Continues

>One from a great comedian this week.

Everybody has to believe in something…………
I believe I’ll look for another spanking.

The computer nightmare – chapter 2

Well I put a deposit on a computer last weekend, with the assurance from the shop owner that the computer would arrive on Thursday and perhaps even Wednesday, if all went well. It is Friday now and no new computer and the shop owner was noticeable absent from his shop, when I went to inquire about what was going on, today. So it is showdown time tomorrow.
I am going to try to continue to post with this computer till then (I’m just missing blogging too much) but the chances of being able to post illustrations and photographs is slim and the time it takes to post may mean that posts are a bit limited. So here’s me crossing my fingers for tomorrow.


>A Spanko On The Move – And A Pause In Posting As A New Computer Is Set Up


Spanko on the move

Todd and Suzy at The American Spanking Society,unhappy with blogger, have moved to and the new site looks great.

New computer
A pause in posting

The computer guy has checked the system and the diagnosis is that its time to take the old crunch box out into a field and shoot it. The processor is too slow, I have not got enough RAM, The old USB modem cannot cope, the cooling fan is playing silly buggers and the now unsupported Windows 98 is riddled with bugs and whatnot’s. Luckily I have been saving hard for a new car so some of that cash is being diverted for a replacement crunch box. Posting is a nightmare at the moment so I am taking a pause until the new computer is up and running. Everything should be a go by next weekend at the latest but with a little bit of luck posting may resume on Thursday. Till then I wish you all well.


>Thought For The Week – And The Computer Nightmare Continues


Thought for the week

This one tickled me when I saw it, it just has to be shared.

Without question the greatest invention in the history of mankind is spanking.
Oh I grant you that the wheel was also a fine invention
but the wheel does not combine nearly so well with the opposite sex.

The crunch box is still playing up

Well to sign into the blog and get to the post writing page open took over 20 minutes. I have managed to leave a couple of comments here and on other blogs but even that is a painfully slow process. I did try a program that someone recommended last night, it took about three and a half hours to run and achieved nothing. Slamming the ADSL modem against the wall did seem to improve the situation slightly (score – Brute force 1 – Technical know how 0).
I have to work this weekend but hopefully it will be possible to take an hour out to see someone who genuinely knows about computers and see what his opinion is.

At the moment I am totally unable to access my email accounts, so anyone who is waiting for an email from me, please be patient and I will get to you as soon as possible.

I cannot access about two thirds of the blogs on my blog rolls, so that will be fun catching up on them when things get better.

To all you readers out there I apologize for the break in normal posting and would like to say that all that is possible is being tried to resume normal service as soon as possible.