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Daily Archives: May 1, 2008

>"Spec"tacular Spanking


All The Tops

If there is one thing that is more attractive than a competent female Top with a strong arm, it’s a competent, female Top with a strong arm wearing glasses. So lets indulge this obsession.

Well Spanked Man – The teaching aid

It has always been a fantasy of mine to be used in a class room situation as a practical teaching aid. An experienced Top would demonstrate various spanking techniques and implements on my backside, to five or more fresh faced Tops in training, all of them sporting specs. Twilight has only one pupil but this scene is the closest I’ve ever seen to my fantasy.

From Well Spanked Man

Two Tops at The Spanking Spot

The first is a hot Top in a scene with a very American feel to it

When I saw this next set of photos the Top’s, looks, dress, and facial expressions, made me fall instantly “in lust” with her.

From The Spanking Spot

Finally one from Richard Windsor

A lovely historic picture that could illustrate a hundred stories.

From The House Of Richard Windsor

Enjoy, Prefectdt