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>The Whipping Machine, A New Film From Pain4Fem


The Whipping Machine

As always, I am promoting this film because I like the work of this company and the preview intrigues me, I am not part of any affiliate programs and do not make any money from this.

This post contains some images from the new film from Pain4Fem, these photographs grabbed my imagination and the description of the film sounded very interesting. It is the second film that this company has produced featuring a mechanical administration source, the first being “The Caning Machine”. So far it does look like a very effective device as can be attested to by the facial expressions in the following two pictures.


And oh my god Aarg!

Apparently the hight of the stroke can be adjusted to avoid hitting the same piece of skin twice but the accuracy and consistency of the machine is illustrated by how parallel the marks are on the recipients back.

Parallel whip marks

This film immediately made it onto the wish list and I will be looking out for this on my shopping trips. The thing that gets me about Pain4Fem productions is they seem to keep coming up with things that I want to try myself. Perhaps it is time to go to some classes in light engineering 🙂

You can see more PICTURE from this film at THIS LINK and a clip from THIS LINK


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  1. >Or you could always see if you could be in one of their films, Prefectdt! Just a suggestion since you would like to try the things in their movies. You never know you might get lucky and be asked to be in one of their films. It will work for both of you…they will get another film and you will get the spanking you so crave! *WEG*

  2. >Hello, I will see if I build a machine lashes:)We propose an exchange of links between our sites. If these agree, let me a message in the box messages on my site.Greetings

  3. >Nice idea Pest but I think that pain4fem only do M/f and F/f. Great thing to fantasize about though :-)Prefectdt

  4. >Well that sucks then! Hmmmm, maybe if you are in my neck of the woods sometime maybe I can help you get what you so crave! *WEG*

  5. >If I can get to the US I will drop you a line Pest and ya know planes go this way too, LOL.Prefectdt

  6. >That’s true to, Prefectdt, but then again I don’t travel since I would need a sighted person to go with me and I can’t rely on my son to tell when to board! LOL!

  7. >Thats a shame Pest. It’s about time somebody invented a teleporter, like in Star Trek.Prefectdt

  8. >When I was a kid, any time basketball, baseball or football came on TV I could never watch more than 20 minutes of it before I had to go outside and play whatever it was I was watching.Looking at this post I have learned that nothing has changed in that respect other than the sport.I'd stick around and chat some more but first I need to go find my wife …♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥☼☼☼Dante☼☼☼♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


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