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>Thought For The Week – And The Computer Nightmare Continues


Thought for the week

This one tickled me when I saw it, it just has to be shared.

Without question the greatest invention in the history of mankind is spanking.
Oh I grant you that the wheel was also a fine invention
but the wheel does not combine nearly so well with the opposite sex.

The crunch box is still playing up

Well to sign into the blog and get to the post writing page open took over 20 minutes. I have managed to leave a couple of comments here and on other blogs but even that is a painfully slow process. I did try a program that someone recommended last night, it took about three and a half hours to run and achieved nothing. Slamming the ADSL modem against the wall did seem to improve the situation slightly (score – Brute force 1 – Technical know how 0).
I have to work this weekend but hopefully it will be possible to take an hour out to see someone who genuinely knows about computers and see what his opinion is.

At the moment I am totally unable to access my email accounts, so anyone who is waiting for an email from me, please be patient and I will get to you as soon as possible.

I cannot access about two thirds of the blogs on my blog rolls, so that will be fun catching up on them when things get better.

To all you readers out there I apologize for the break in normal posting and would like to say that all that is possible is being tried to resume normal service as soon as possible.


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  1. >Well, at least you let us know what was going on. It is sad when the computer ghosts decide to make it hard for you to post and not be able to access your emails or anything like that. Now of course throwing the modem up against the wall is throwing a temper tantrum and you know what that results in for naughty young boys, don’t you, Prefectdt! Bad, naughty little Prefectdt! You need spanked, little boy!

  2. >S’ Miss your right Miss I am guilty of computer rage and deserve a tushy warming.The last week has been terrible though. It is amazing how something that was just an expensive toy, ten years ago, has become such a necessity of modern day life. Living without a fully functioning computer is a hard thing to do in the 21ST century.Prefectdt

  3. >Prefectdt, I do live without the internet since I don’t have a computer of my own. Too bad I didn’t live near you or you would get that tushy warming you so richly deserve! LOL!

  4. >Wow! it must be hard not having a computer. When I can’t get this old box working it becomes obvious how reliant people are on computers now. Even small things, like finding out when the train that you want to catch is arriving at the station, become a time consuming burden.Prefectdt


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