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>A Spanko On The Move – And A Pause In Posting As A New Computer Is Set Up


Spanko on the move

Todd and Suzy at The American Spanking Society,unhappy with blogger, have moved to and the new site looks great.

New computer
A pause in posting

The computer guy has checked the system and the diagnosis is that its time to take the old crunch box out into a field and shoot it. The processor is too slow, I have not got enough RAM, The old USB modem cannot cope, the cooling fan is playing silly buggers and the now unsupported Windows 98 is riddled with bugs and whatnot’s. Luckily I have been saving hard for a new car so some of that cash is being diverted for a replacement crunch box. Posting is a nightmare at the moment so I am taking a pause until the new computer is up and running. Everything should be a go by next weekend at the latest but with a little bit of luck posting may resume on Thursday. Till then I wish you all well.


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  1. >Take your time, Prefectdt, but not too much time. Next weekend will be soon enough and I am sure you will be posting when you are able to. Good luck with the new computer set up and hope all goes well!

  2. >Since we went down the Apple Mac computing road we have never looked back.I know they look more expensive than the competition but they really are worth the money.Just a thought.RPT and MP

  3. >Pest, I am looking forward to being able to post pictures again and maybe even the odd video clip if the new box is up to it.rpt & mp – I understand that Apple Macs have an excellent reputation in most parts of the world but here most of the computer shops will not stock Macs and even in the larger chain shops that do, the sales staff tend to steer you away from Macs, if they see you looking at them. I remember back when 56k gave way to broad band systems, a friend, who is a professional computer consultant, could not get Macs to work properly on the broadband system here. I’m not sure what the difference is between our ADSL system to the DSL system that most of the rest of the world seems to be running on but when sales staff are trying their best not to sell you something, that makes warning lights and sirens go off in my head.Prefectdt

  4. >Good to see that you are finally getting a new crunch box. Yes, I suppose it’s annoying to use up some of the saved car money, but think about how much less stressful posting and surfing will be.Looking forward to seeing you back in action.

  5. >If there was a decent car hire company in my area I would not bother with a car. It is good to have a new computer coming, I have kept this one limping along for far too long.Prefectdt

  6. >Good material, Excelent Work.I propose exchanging links between our blogs. If they agree, Let me a message on my blog.Greetings

  7. >Thanks so much for the mention! Good luck with the computer issues.:)Todd & Suzy

  8. >No problems Todd & Suzy, hope everything is working out with the new blog site.Prefectdt


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