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Daily Archives: May 16, 2008

>Thought For The Week – And The Computer Saga Continues

>One from a great comedian this week.

Everybody has to believe in something…………
I believe I’ll look for another spanking.

The computer nightmare – chapter 2

Well I put a deposit on a computer last weekend, with the assurance from the shop owner that the computer would arrive on Thursday and perhaps even Wednesday, if all went well. It is Friday now and no new computer and the shop owner was noticeable absent from his shop, when I went to inquire about what was going on, today. So it is showdown time tomorrow.
I am going to try to continue to post with this computer till then (I’m just missing blogging too much) but the chances of being able to post illustrations and photographs is slim and the time it takes to post may mean that posts are a bit limited. So here’s me crossing my fingers for tomorrow.