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New Computer

And the illustration says what I am doing now teaching the new crunch box that I am the boss and learning that the opposite is actually true.

I have finally been able to get into my email accounts today so over the next week I will be catching up on emails as well as comments and whats been going on on the blogs, that I have not been able to access over the past week or two.

The new computer has a squeaky clean hard drive, as in there are no stored photographs, illustrations, or software such as Adobe. All the programs on the old computer where very old hat, so I have decided to start to get more updated versions for this computer, rather than try to make the old stuff work. For all the stuff that was in the blog files I have decided not to transfer the old stuff to this computer, partially for fear that lots of nasty bugs may come with the files but mostly because I am a total computer Luddite and cannot be bothered. Therefore it will be a while before a stock of illustrations are accumulated for use on the blog.

I got the new crunch box yesterday and have spent most of the past two days getting it working. The regular posting pattern will resume on Tuesday but it may be a while before things get totally back to normal, as I learn how to work the new system (at the moment I am charging round in here like a cyber bull in a virtual china shop)

to round up, normal posting from Tuesday. Thanks for your understanding during this time of technical difficulties.


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