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>Goodbyeeee – ChloeElise’s Spanking Adventures



Chloe Elise’s Spanking Adventures

I have not been able to access this blog for a couple of weeks and was very much looking forward to seeing if there had been some updates on it. Finally, this weekend gone, I got to click into it and sadly found that it was gone. I cannot know if Ms Elise made a farewell post or not before she deleted it (at least I hope it was a voluntary deletion rather than something else).
This blog was of course about aspects of the professional and private life of Chloe Elise, a spanking model who has worked for many companies such as Shadow Lane, Dallas Spanks Hard

and most notably Punished Brats as well many others. This all added up to an interesting and often funny look into the life of a spanking model in the USA. Personally and I doubt if I’m alone in this but I hope Ms Elise has not given up on the modeling front. As Chelsea Pfeiffer remarked, on the DVD Chelsea Spanks Chloe & Pixie, she really is a natural brat.
So lets bid a fond farewell to Chloe Elise’s Spanking Adventures.


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  1. >Chloe deleted her blog due to rude reader emails, etc. She posted about it on a members only forum when a few asked 😦

  2. >That is a bummer. I enjoyed her blog and her yummy pix. *grr*Dave

  3. >I didn’t see a farewell message either. It just vanished. Thanks for explaining,impisheyes.Hermione

  4. >Thank you for the info Ms James. It is sad that we had to lose this very entertaining blog because of the actions of a few idiots.Prefectdt


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