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>Technical Difficulties And Apologies For The Break In Posting

>Firstly I would like to thank the very nice and understanding vanilla friend of mine, who has let me use his, mobile connection, modem to make this post.

I apologies to you, the readers of this blog, for the break in posting. Having just obtained a new computer my telephone line has decided to totally fail, even the normal telephone is not working properly. It may take a few days or even a couple of weeks for the problem to be solved because the people from the telephone company have to come round and fix it.

At the moment I cannot –


Comment on other blogs

Read emails

Access anything online at all

Thank you for your understanding and I will be back and posting as soon as the problem is sorted out.


I will be back

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  1. >I am sorry you are having such a difficult time with first your computer and now your phone line. We will wait for you to get all this done and hope you can return to normal as soon as you can! Well I think you know what I meant! I am sure you are normal, Prefectdt! *WEG*

  2. >Thanks for the support Pest, I am looking forward to getting back to normal abnormality myself. :-)Prefectdt


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