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>Some F/m Material And How To Run for President

>Mike from Spanked Hubby said in recent post that this blog was mostly men spanking women. I’m not sure I entirely agree with that (The last post was “A Woman Who Should be Spanking Men). But I do try and cover all sides of spanking and so decided to go and find some more F/m material for the blog. On my flight through cyber space I found two interesting items.

An F/m picture

I found this piece on a long dead femdom blog unfortunately the artist was not mentioned.

A BDSM guide to campaigning for the presidency

This is a bit BDSMy for my usual tastes but it is a good tutorial for any one thinking of running for US President.

This lady has a website at!

Enjoy Prefectdt

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  1. >When I can come on this blog I like the pictures when I can sneak onto them! LOL! I like the pictures that you post on here anyway and I like all aspects of spanking as well. Of course I am a switch so most likely all sides of spanking are going to attract my cravings. LOL!

  2. >When I see pictures or clips of a scene, I tend to feel empathy (and jealousy if its a really good scene and I wish it where me instead) with the bottom/sub in the scene, regardless of them being a man or a woman, A kind of spankosexuality perhaps?Nice to see that you got a chance to sneak a peak at the picy blogs Pest :-)Prefectdt


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