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>Goodbyeeee – Leia Ann Woods Diary – Sierra Salem’s Punishment Diary


Goodbyeeee – Sierra Salem’s Punishment Diary

I’m not sure what happened to this blog it just disappeared, if anyone has any information please share it. This was a blog about the life of Sierra Salem, where we had the privilege of sharing in Ms Salem’s life and and adventures both within the spanking model world and in Ms Salem’s vanilla adventures. It had plenty of pictures and provided us with much amusement and information about the spanking scene in the USA. Lets wish Ms Salem luck in her future life and say thank you for the time and effort spent on Sierra Salem’s Punishment Diary.

[Post update – I am informed that Ms Salem accidentally deleted her blog and it will return after she has re-designed her blog layout]

Goodbyeeee – Leia Ann Woods Diary

Of course we cannot know for certain why this wonderful blog has gone but due to present circumstances I think we can all guess the reason pretty accurately. This is the saddest Goodbeeee that I have ever done and I can’t think of anything adequate to say that reflects the depth of feeling that the loss of this blog will cause, at this time. farewell Leia Ann Woods Diary and best wishes and thoughts for Ms Woods during this difficult time.

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[Post update – According to Lucy McLean, Leia Ann Woods absence from the blogging world is also temporary]

Learning a lesson

Well I learned a lesson with these two Goodbyeees and that is not to jump to conclusions when when not in possession of all the facts.

Prefectdt (feeling very contrite)

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  1. >I’M NOT GONNA BE GONE FOREVER! I’m working on rebuilding my blog now, I accidentally deleted it, silly me! xx

  2. >Thank you for that Ms Salem, it is nice to hear that there is some good news at a time when there is so much doom and gloom around. I will update the post. Is it possible to ask for your new blog address, when it is working again, so that I can put it back on the blog roll.Prefectdt

  3. >Leia Ann won’t be gone forever either. Just for a wee while.

  4. >Thank you so much, that’s brilliant news. I will amend the post.Prefectdt


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