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>Spankee Heroines – Women A, B, C, D. – And Thought For The Week


Women A, B, C, D.

There is a news paper that thinks that persecuting minority groups for it’s own political and financial gains is a good thing (seems to remind me of a political party who became the government of a mainland European country back in the 1930s, can’t seem to remember the name of the party right now). Of coarse I am talking about the Max Mosley case and the judge made a good decision in the verdict.

Max Mosley took on the news paper and struck a blow to those that would use lies to oppress free thinking, consenting, adults, who live less than mainstream life styles and I think we all owe him a great big thank you.

It is important to remember the four brave women who stood up and put themselves on the front line, to help defend the rights of us all in a hard and difficult situation, where they had to expose themselves to the unreasonable insults and accusations of the gutter press without the opportunity to be able to defend themselves in open public forum.

For showing courage, steadfastness and setting an astounding example to us all to follow, it is only just that Women A, B, C and D receive a resounding salute from the whole community.

Women A, B, C and D four true spankee heroes

for links to news articles on the case, please scroll down to yesterdays post.

In this time of victory it is important to remember those that have paid a heavy price in this fight, please support Northern Spanking Institute.


A little more serious Thought For The Week this week.

Only when we are no longer afraid do we begin to live


Spanked heroes was a series of posts I started to do not long after I started this blog. For a few different reasons I decided to stop doing it. Today there seems to be a damn good reason to resurrect it.


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  1. >Women A,B,C,D. True legends who I have the most respect for.

  2. >Glad to hear that Ms Fox. Sorry to take so long to answer your comment but it was buried deep in the archives.Prefectdt


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