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Monthly Archives: August 2008

>A Wet Chamois Leather Flogger Is Born – Part two, The Handle Base And Marking Out the Chamois


Preparing the handle base

The core of the handle is made from a piece of an old broken garden rake handle. Originally a length of 18 cm was decided on for this but on trying my hand against the original markings I decided to add another centimeter and so it was cut at 19 cm, it is about 28 mm in diameter.

to get all the old grot and grime off the wood is sanded down. The ends are worked till they are flat an the corners at the ends are slightly rounded with sand paper. It does not matter how this piece of wood looks as it will not be seen when the toy is finished, it only matters that the wood is clean and smooth.

A small hole is bodged, using a bodging tool, in one end of the wood.

A metal eye is was then partially screwed into the end of the wood. It is not screwed right in but only far enough to hold firmly. It’s purpose at this time is to provide a holding and hanging point for the wood as it is worked on.

The wood was then varnished with Marine (or Boat) varnish and left to hang and dry for a full day. After this the wood is lightly sanded and a second coat of varnish applied after a further day the wood is again sanded and varnished. This is a toy that is meant to be used wet and every precaution must be made to protect the wood from repeated wetting, which would otherwise rot it. Marine varnish is formulated to be waterproof and is ideal for this. It does not matter if the varnish is matt or gloss as it will not be seen on the finished toy.

Measurements and markings for the chamois leather

the chamois leather was wrapped around the handle wood and was found to go around the wood more than three times. the amount of chamois to complete three full revolutions was found to be 29 cm and so that was decided as the finished width of the leather.

The leather was then pined flat (but not stretched) to a flat surface, the surface is an old piece of furniture top, it is going to get cut and scratched, so using the dining table was out of the question.

Using 29cm as the width, a rectangle was drawn with a soft leaded leaded pencil (3b) on the leather. The length of the rectangle was dictated by the length of the chamois leather, this was found to be best at 40cm. It would have been nice to be able to attach the leather along the entire length of the wood but this would have left the tails of leather shorter than I wanted them to be, so a 5cm strip was marked off at the top of the leather as the part to be attached to the wood.

Playing around with a calculator I found that 17 tails of a width of 17mm could be cut almost exactly into the 29cm width of the leather and so the number of tails and their width was decided on this basis.

The tails where then marked on the leather. As can be seen in the last photograph I really screwed up on the left and side and had to re-draw that bit A minor mistake had to be corrected on the left hand side of the leather. The leather is now ready to be cut.

Next in this posting series:- The chamois leather is cut into shape and attached to the handle wood.


>Goodbyeeee – Spanked Men, Some New Blogs for The list And An F/m Clip


Goodbyeeee Spanked Men

This blog has not been updated since the end of February and so it is time to wish it a fare well. It is a picture based blog that tried to be a showcase of what is available in the commercial F/m video production world. It is still there floating away in cyber space so if you want to check out it’s pictures you can find it at Spanked Men. It is the work of Brushstrokes who is still blogging on his main blog The Spanking Spot. Thank you and good bye Spanked Men.

A couple of new blogs for the List

Filth Overdrive – A little more close to the knuckle writing style than I normally read but this BDSM blog has something about it that I like but can’t identify. It does give the impression that you could let off a few swear words in the comments box without offending the blog’s writer 🙂

The Real Tears Blog – A blog about real tears as a result of spanking or punishment. This is a subject that fascinates me. I have been spanked till I have screamed, bled and pleaded but no one has ever made me cry tears (I have burst into tears during corner times but that is another issue). I am incredibly curious about why and how some people have the water works turn on during a spanking and this is a good blog to use to study the subject.

An F/m clip that I found

I have never heard of the company that produced this clip before, so I cannot tell you anything about them. The guy in this clip seems to be hamming it up a bit but the top ticks a lot of my “Oh yes” boxes, long dark hair glasses and looks like she’s up for a laugh. This was found at Fetish Tube.

Enjoy, Prefectdt

>Thought For The Week

>This week a little wisdom from a really weird well respected American Comedian.

You don’t appreciate a lot of stuff in school, until you get older.
Little things, like being spanked every day by a middle aged woman.
Stuff you pay good money for in later life.

Prefectdt note: – I am totally opposed to all forms of corporal punishment of minors, especially within an educational system but this just cracked me up too much not to pass on.


>Blog Calendar – September Page

>A new month starts on Monday and so it is time for the September page of the blog calendar.

September 2008

This month the picture comes from Northern Spanking and was found at The Spanking Spot. It features Paul Kennedy and the absolutely luscious Sascha Harvey.

As always the calendar is the correct proportions to print off on an A4 sized piece of paper. So why not print one off and stick it on your parents fridge door, that should give them a smile.

The blog calendar is open to contributions from both professionals or amateurs, photographs or artwork. Any contributions used will be credited on the calendar and linked in the post.


>Women Who Should Be Spankers – Tia Hellebaut


Tia Hellabaut

Well the Olympics is over now and one country that I was following, Great Britain, did very well but I was also cheering for my adopted home Belgium. Little old Belgium was not doing too well, with only a silver in the women’s 4 x 400 meters, then on the fifteenth day a hero stepped forward and then stepped (very high) upwards winning gold in the women’s high jump, Belgium’s first ever women’s athletic gold.

Tia with her gold medal

If there is a man in Belgium (spanko or vanilla) now who would not gladly and willingly bend over and take a few strokes from Ms Hellebaut, if she wanted to hand some out, he should hang his head in shame and go and live in France. Ms Hellebaut the bottoms of Belgium are yours for the spanking.

And she models spectacles

OMG a 1 meter 82 centimeter (approx 5 feet 10 inches) Olympic gold medal wining woman who not only wears glasses but models them, I think I am going to faint. Any time that she wants, with any implement that she wants, Tia Hellebaut should be spanking men in Belgium (especially me).

Tia Hellebaut was born in February 1978 and hails from Antwerp. She is European indoor and outdoor women’s high jump champion and won the gold in the Beijing Olympics for jumping a height of 2 meters and 5 centimeters in the women’s high jump competition. If you want to learn more about her you can visit Tia Hellebaut – Wikipedia.


>A Wet Chamois Leather Flogger Is Born – Part One


What is a wet chamois leather flogger

True chamois leather comes from the chamois goat, is hard to find and expensive. The chamois leather that I am talking about is the lambskin kind, cured with fish oil, that we are all familiar with, that is used for washing cars and windows. Once this leather has been put in water it becomes stiff when it dries and can only be used after it is soaked. A flogger made from this and used wet is a massively thuddy toy that has the greater intensity that any water adds to a spanking combined with a rapid cooling effect after the stroke because it leaves the impact site wet.

Why make a wet chamois leather flogger

I have only been flogged with one of these once but it was a very special experience and I have wanted to own one ever since. I have never seen one for sale and the one that I was flogged with was home made (very roughly, chamois cut and nailed onto a bit of wood but it worked well). So the only option is to make my own.

One I found on the web

Having searched the Internet I did find plenty of Chamois leather floggers but they where very expensive and not designed to be used wet. The only one that I found that was meant to be used wet is the one pictured above,that came from THIS SITE. It is also one made by an enthusiast for their own use and is not for sale. I have an Idea of what I want mine to be like and it is very different from the one above. The best thing about making your own toys is that you can make them a very individual article.

Ready to go

I obtained a nice piece of chamois leather at a local discount shop at a very reasonable price and the core wood will come from a broken rake handle (yea, Eco friendly recycling when making toys). I have still got to find one or two items to complete the project but as you can see from the photo above that most of the odds and sods have already been obtained. So it is time to get the tool box out and get busy.