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>Cooking Pervertables Are Born – Part Five Furnishings And Costs


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The handle binding

The binding material

I’m not sure what the intended purpose of this stuff is but you can find it in any outlet where accouterments for sowing, dressmaking and cloth are sold. It is a sort of strong material tape woven from cotton (I think) and at 1 Euro for ten meters is a bargain. I did not want to introduce a third colour to the toys at this time but look as I may I could not find the binding material in black and so chose the darkest blue available, I think it works.

Dry binding

As illustrated above the tape is secured to the top of the handle area with an elastic band and wound as tightly over the handle area as possible, smoothing out lumps and bumps and correcting uneven binding as the operation proceeded and was then cut (leaving a little extra tape at the end, just in case) and secured with another elastic band and left overnight. This is so that any mistakes that are made in the binding can be rectified before it is glued down and that the tape can settle into the shape of the handle.

Gluing the binding

The next day the tape was unwound from the toys, making sure that which end was at the top of each toy could be remembered.

The glue used is an extra strong, multi purpose type with slow setting properties. Glue is put on both sides of the handle area and spread, evenly over the whole area and the edges with an scrap of waste wood.

The tape was then re wound onto the toys and held in place using clothes pegs. The toys where left for a day as the glue set.

The next day the end of the tape, that was not in contact with the wood, was still loose, it was neatly cut to it’s final length and glued down with quick setting super glue.

The wrist straps

As these are small scale OTK type toys an addition of a wrist strap will give the spanker the ability to leave the toy dangling from her wrist leaving both hands free to remove underwear, restrain a wayward arm or deal with any other situation requiring both hands.

What the wrist straps are made of

I found some plaited leather bangles being sold at a rommel markt (Flea market or car boot sale) and managed to purchase three for 4 Euros. Unfortunately the bangles where not long enough to make a wrist strap on their own, So I decided to use ordinary shoe laces to make the back half of the wrist strap.

Making the wrist strap

Using a simple knot pulled tight, the shoelace was tied to the top of the bangle and the excess was trimmed off. The two leather thongs at the other end of the bangle where tied first to the toy and then around the other end of the shoe lace and the rest of the shoe lace was cut off along withe two protruding leather tails, forming the wrist strap.

The wooden part of the toys where then polished with a bee’s wax and vegetable oil based product and declared to be finished.


To stop these toys from getting bashed about in the toy box and to make them easy to identify and grab in a hurry, I decided that a little protective packaging was in order.

To keep things simple, appropriate and cheap, a tea towel secured with two lengths of the material tape seemed a good choice.


The original toys cost about 3 Euros.
The sheet of fine sand paper was 20 cents
In total I think about the equivalent of one full pot of model paint was used so that is 2 Euros 10 cents.
The marine varnish cost 8 Euros 50 cents for the tin but I hardly used any so lets call that 50 cents worth for sake of argument.
The blue material tape was 1 Euro.
Again for sake of argument lets say that 50 cents worth of glue was used.
With a little bartering I got the three leather bangles for 4 Euros.
Two pairs of short shoe laces cost 1 Euro 10 cents.
The tea towel was in a pack of three for 4 Euros so lets call that 1 Euro 35 cents.

That makes a total cost of 13 Euros 75 cents.


Well the point of the exercise was to turn some usable but boring pervertables into something that could be convincingly called “spanking toys”. These toys where meant to end up looking a little bit special and be something unique in the toy box, something that no one else has an exact copy of, whilst at the same time being cost effective (especially as the favorite breakfast cereal of the moment is Credit Crunch). Was this achieved? Well I think it best if you judge for yourselves.

This is what I started with

And these are the finished articles

I hope that everyone enjoyed this series of posts and that it may have inspired a few of you to go out and get a bit “crafty” yourselves.


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  1. >You are SO getting spanked for bad spelling! It’s accoutrements NOT accouterments

  2. >Accouterments is a version of the spelling of the word that is recognized by both the Oxford English Dictionary and the Websters Dictionary (US), which is probably why the spell checker did not pick it up.Having said that I do like the idea of being spanked for bad spelling. Having a small problem with literacy, that means that I will never be able to spell correctly, means that two hand written sheets of paper could get me thrashed enough to prevent comfortable sitting for a week.Thats a nice thought :-)Prefectdt

  3. >Hey there! I’m just now getting to respond, but I did really enjoy this series. I hope you’ll do this again. You did a great job with it and the toys are just beautiful. I thought your protective cover was simple and clever.

  4. >Hi Greenwoman, sometimes it’s three or or four days by the time that I have gotten back to read some of your lengthier posts and then it will be half way down your blog and I am too embarrassed to leave a comment so it’s nice to hear from you and you can never be as late as me.Thanks for the compliment I’m glad you enjoyed this series. I have an idea for another “make” but I will have to look around and see if I can get the stuff I need for it before I can commit to doing the posts.Prefectdt



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