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Daily Archives: September 2, 2008

>"Spec"tacular Spankings


Another study of women wearing glasses involved in spanking

There must be a name for my condition, if there isn’t it is about time that a psychologist came up with one. Perhaps “Spankospecaphilia” or “Hand to posterior corrective lens syndrome” or ………………..well maybe you can think of a name for it!.

Whatever it is called I am suffering from it and there have been plenty of pictures around the blogs to satisfy my obsession. So I am going to share them with you readers and see if there are any other sufferers out there.

One from Beverly Bacci’s Blog

I’m sorry Ms Bacci but in my imagination it is me over that knee

A couple of very classy images from Spanked Hubby

The blog Spanking Sarah Gregory supplied this one

I think that this model is called Sinn and has her own site now, I’m pretty sure that there is a link to it from Ms Gregory’s blog

And finally a whole nest of CG Images from Photino

I’m glad that the artist who made these did not create women with stupidly over sized breasts that some artist, cartoonists and animators do. Realistically sized breasts are far more attractive.