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Daily Archives: September 4, 2008

>The Spanking Cure


Diagnosis – Tired, stressed, well overdue for a holiday

Cure – Use spanking funnies to cheer up

My kind of woman

A joke

A Buddhist spankee asks her disciplinarian for a philosophical concept for her to meditate over and receives his wisdom.
“Consider this. What is the sound of one hand spanking?”

Something sweet for the BDSMers

Another joke

A male spankee from London wins the big one on the lottery, to celebrate he decides to go on a round the world spanking adventure.

Traveling from east to west, along the way he gets the martinet in France, Flogged in Germany, knouted in Russia, whipped in Mongolia and much more, experiencing everything he can in all the countries that he passes through. A year an a half later, after being paddled in the USA, he decides it is time to head back to London.

The spankee has had the most exiting time of his life but he is longing for the discomforts of Britain, the sweet sting of a cane, the kiss of a tawse and all the other things that he associates with home. As soon as his plane lands he phones round all the professional disciplinarians that he knows in London but he has arrived home just when the biggest spanko event that London has ever hosted is about to take place and all the British disciplinarians are totally booked up or too busy to see him. finally he phones an Irish lady that he knows and luckily she has time to see him so he gets a taxi direct to her house.

After welcoming him in the Irish Lady asks him “What kind of spanking do you want?” looking hungrily at the canes, tawses and birches hanging from her wall he replies “I want you to get really British with my bottom” To which the Irish lady replies
“What! You want me to invade it and occupy it for a few hundred years?”

An unsafe spanking toy

Not spanking, I just liked this

Enjoy, Prefectdt