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Daily Archives: September 9, 2008

>Learch Engine Finds

Time to list some of the weird, wonderful and warped things people put into search engines that wash them up on the shores of spankedhortic.

Spank smarts – Well duh!

Hand in knickers bottom caning – One way to get your knuckles rapped

Village ladies up for a spanking – It’s not all jam and Jerusalem you know

Kinky historic couples – Oh yes! Got to try that one myself

Peed during caning – No I did not

Pictures of women in slippers getting spanked – And I thought the glasses thing was bad

Spank for fun – Can’t think of a better reason

1950’s school girls switch nylon panties – ?

Kinki girl gets spanked – Someone should get spanked for bad spelling

Bottomjeansspanktight – You may find the wide key at the bottom of your keyboard useful

Women has fun spanking men – That’s HAD not HAS, see me after class

Planet where women are spanked – Er Earth!

Handtobutt – Is your space bar broken?

Earned a spanking – Yes, more than one!

Spankers I have known – Aah! sweet memories

Witches spanking men’s bottom – I like that idea

Enjoy, Prefectdt